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Awesome Overdrive: Trucking in 1977

If CCJ was trucking publishing’s version of The Beatles back in the ’70s, then Overdrive was its version of The Rolling Stones — darker, edgier and — as this photo gallery shows — far more likely to be drinking, taking drugs and hanging out with hot chicks.
Today, CCJ’s sister publication is a respected business magazine for Owner-Operators. But back in 1977, Overdrive was a very different beast altogether.


The old Overdrive was a much better magazine than the new one of today. Then you had great articles and actually talked about shutdowns and the criminal activities in our state governments and was a well respected magazine then. Now the magazine is nothing but the copying of articles from one publisher who owns 50 magazines, There were ads for all the great electronics available to us and the independent truck stops. We now get generic ads and the same old large chain stops. The trucks were different and unique not like the same generic trucks that have no differences or personality. Oh yes there will be the drivers who will say look at the custom trucks shown now in very small pictures but no real back ground on the drivers or who they work for, plus they are all the same. There were ads in the back for help wanted and for sale items and personal ads. It was a magazine that was personal to us drivers. I'll take the old Overdives over the company sponsored one of today.