Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference 2013

Bryce says natural gas is a boon for transportation beyond a fuel source

The booms in fracking operations and other energy sources hold great opportunities for the transportation industry, said Robert Bryce, energy expert and author, who keynoted the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference in Dallas. “The shale revolution has ...

Economy stable, but growth limited, prof says

Though the U.S. economy remains slow, Americans need not worry about another dip into recession anytime soon. That’s the cautiously optimistic forecast economist Jeff Rosensweig passed along in the final session the 2013 Commercial Vehicle ...

VIDEO: Rosensweig talks industry recovery at CVOC

Global business expert Jeff Rosensweig discusses what the industry should expect as the sluggish recovery continues. The Emory University professor, who's director of the school's Global Perspectives Program, addressed the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference.

Tough road ahead for infrastructure funding

The window of opportunity for a near-term fix for funding highways and other infrastructure in the United States is closing over the next year with the 2014 expiration of the Moving Ahead for Progress in ...

VIDEO: Preston talks chances to improve transportation funding

Congressional negotiations this fall present a critical opportunity to improve transportation funding, says Drew Preston of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He addressed the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference Aug. 22 in Dallas.

VIDEO: Graves talks trucking’s tight capacity

Bill Graves, head of the American Trucking Associations, comments on whether trucking's tight capacity will divert freight to rail. Graves spoke at the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference Aug. 22 in Dallas.

VIDEO: Fuller talks fuel savings through aerodynamics

U.S. Xpress Chairman and CEO Max Fuller discusses a research project that promises fuel savings of almost 14 percent through trailer aerodynamics. Fuller addressed the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference Aug. 21 in Dallas.

TEC Equipment named ‘Successful Dealer’

There’s not much in trucking David Thompson, a former “lumper”-turned-driver-turned-salesman-turned-dealer, hasn’t had to tackle either on the road or on the lot. Wednesday, the accomplishments continued as Thompson’s dealership group, TEC Equipment Inc., was awarded the first ...

Fuel for the future: CVOC panel examines fuel economy trends

A panel discussion on August 21 at the Commerical Vehicle Outlook Conference looked at current fuel economy trends in the North American Class 8 market. The panelists concluded that while exciting new technologies are on ...

T. Boone Pickens: U.S. doesn’t have an energy policy

The United States is the only country in the world that doesn't have an energy policy, T. Boone Pickens, founder and CEO of BP Capital and founder of Clean Energy, told attendees in remarks kicking ...

VIDEO: T. Boone Pickens on oil prices by end of 2013

Renowned investor T. Boone Pickens speculates on how oil prices will trend through year-end. Pickens addressed fleet and supplier executives Aug. 21 at the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference in Dallas.

Fleet panel talks safety technology at Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference

Safety is the responsibility of everyone who touches heavy truck, not simply the one in the driver's seat, according to an industry panel at the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference Wednesday in Dallas, Texas. "Safety is not ...

VIDEO: T. Boone Pickens talks about the future of gas

T. Boone Pickens talks with CCJ on the trucking industry's leadership in natural gas and the potential for gas usage in all vehicles. Pickens addressed the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference Aug. 21 in Dallas.

PHOTOS: Shots from the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference