Diesel price drops half a cent

Still hovering just below the $4 mark, the national average price for a gallon of diesel was $3.918 for the week ended Dec. 31 — a 0.5 cent drop from the previous week, according to the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration. That price remained 13.5 cents higher than the same week in 2011. 

No region saw any noticeable change from week to week, either, with the largest drop coming in the Rocky Mountain region — 4.5 cents — and the largest spike in the West Coast less California region — 1.3 cents. 

The New England region — still experiencing impact from Hurricane Sandy’s landfall in early November — had the highest average at $4.154 a gallon, while the Rocky Mountain region had the lowest average at $3.746 a gallon.

For more information, see EIA.gov.

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