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CCJ Tech Toolbox: RFP management tools help carriers handle shippers’ bids by lane or by package

With the help of technology, management of the cumbersome RFP process to bid on lanes within a large shipper’s book of business is becoming more accessible for a larger portion ...

CCJ Tech Toolbox: Modern tools aid in carrier relationships, customer expectations

Customized customer self-serve portals can provide not only tracking visibility but also payment status and more to both carriers’ customers and, from brokers, to carriers themselves

CCJ Tech Toolbox: Freight uberization — Load tracking and planning tools abound

As Uber FREIGHT and a variety of brokerages with sophisticated technology seek to transform the spot market, carriers in both spot and contract markets are finding new demands placed on ...

CCJ Tech Toolbox: How fleets can incorporate new technologies into their logistics ops

In the 10th edition of CCJ’s Tech Toolbox, we look at the factors fleets should consider and best practices they can use for evaluating and implementing new technologies for their ...

Tech Toolbox: Technology’s role in logistics


CCJ Tech Toolbox: How to get drivers, employees to buy in to new fleet tech

While new technology is change for the better, it’s still change. Altering an employee’s equipment and/or responsibilities without proper instruction and training can be counterproductive and potentially harmful.

CCJ Tech Toolbox: How your fleet can strategize adding new technologies

Any technology assessment that ends in acceptance should transition its focus immediately from evaluation to implementation. Both fleets and technology providers alike say the cautious traits of research and investigation ...

Tech Toolbox: Integrating technology into your fleet

CCJ Tech Toolbox: How one major carrier uses business intelligence to simplify safety, compliance processes

Besides creating a BI system to manage real-time compliance data, MVT uses BI technology daily to chart its progress and create new strategies. Managers use various reports in their daily ...

CCJ Tech Toolbox: Where to start with business intelligence platforms

BI platforms come in many shapes and sizes. Fleet management systems are often the entry point and catalyst for why fleets decide to invest in BI technology.

CCJ Tech Toolbox: Gleaning business insights from your fleet’s data well

It’s not the number of gigabytes or terabytes that create value. Rather, it’s the efforts and investments fleets are making to improve data quality and deliver key insights to users ...

Tech Toolbox — Providing business insights

CCJ Tech Toolbox: Developing in-house tech for your fleet

Developing one’s own technology can be helpful in instances when options on the market may not be suitable — or even available. Two fleets share their stories here.

CCJ Tech Toolbox: Most common fleet tech? Asset management, poll shows

With the electronic logging device mandate still months from implementation, no single technology garnered more than 50 percent of industrywide acceptance in CCJ’s survey, though asset management tools such as ...