In light of delays by DOT, Senate bill calls for quick action on speed limiters

For nearly two years, the DOT has issued a report each month indicating the rule is weeks away from publication. Despite those reports, the rule's been snared by the regulatory ...

Utility Trailer making milestones in the wake of devastation

Glade Spring is the hometown of Leo Shoals, who won the Minor League baseball Triple Crown in 1951 with a then-and-short-lived record of 55 home runs in a single season. ...

Disc brake math: Upfront expense or value-added investment?

The potential to eliminate brake-related CSA violations and the downtime that comes with them has emerged as one of the biggest drivers in the adoption of disc brakes.

The gamification of driver training

Some fleets are using technology to create a training experience for drivers that is engaging and rewarding.

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Hot Topics: The Future of Natural Gas Lubricants

With engine technologies continuing to evolve and upcoming regulations set to impact the trucking market in the next few years, it’s no wonder that fleets…

Emergency braking an area where trucking can lead 4-wheeler technology

Truckers are blamed for thousands of accidents on U.S. Highways every year, regardless of who actually is at fault.

Here’s looking at you: new tech to monitor driver fatigue, distraction

A new set of technologies is able to directly monitor drivers to detect risk.

Shell turns to youth to help develop concept truck

The contest is inspired by the Shell Eco-marathon Americas, which challenges student teams to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient vehicle, as well as the AirFlow StarShip Initiative.

A holistic approach to connectivity: Daimler’s vision for the future

Once a fully connected truck and supply chain solution exists who will be the first
 to embrace it? Will it be fleets looking to help customers reduce inefficiencies at their ...

Next round of EPA compliance will be an exercise in creativity

The demands on engineers and designers in trucking have been rigorous for more than a decade, and creativity is now becoming as critical as a calculator.

Taking care of defects: making use of electronic DVIRs

Based on the number of CSA maintenance violations, the DVIR process has room for improvement. Over the past 24 months, 51 percent of CSA violations are maintenance related.

When it comes to oil, knowing is half the battle

The forced marriage of letters and numbers has long been the downfall of high school students nationwide.

Undoing potential 34-hour restart death knell could be delayed for months, group says

The legal hang-up regarding truckers’ hours of service rules could kill the 34-hour restart entirely, but the Trucking Alliance's Lane Kidd says there’s pressure on U.S. lawmakers to forgo a ...

Bernie Sanders says he’d work to ‘take trucks off the road’ with modern rail system if elected president

It’s unclear whether he meant all trucks or just some trucks, but speaking this weekend, presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders, running as a Democrat, told a crowd of supporters the ...

The dust-up over FMCSA’s ‘lives saved’ data: Accurate, ‘alarming’ or roughly approximate?

Do FMCSA's recently released numbers on "lives saved" via truck inspection efforts reveal a concerning trend about declining enforcement emphasis, or are they simply estimates based on incomplete data? Or ...