Trucking’s role in terror may be in next president’s crosshairs

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have long feared commercial trucks would play a role in domestic terror attacks beyond the use of HazMat.

The quest for a CDL Part IV: I’m legal … kind of

After countless hours and online practice test taking, late last week I was finally ready to attempt the written test for a CDL permit.

Fueled by data: how ‘machine learning’ detects fuel waste, fraud by drivers

Real-time analysis goes beyond card controls to detect fuel transactions that fleets consider wasteful or even fraudulent

The quest for a CDL Part III: I’m healthy, I swear

I'm pretty much in the homestretch of studying for the permit portion of my CDL test.

Navistar takes command of big data for truck design, breakdown prevention

An analytics team at Navistar supports internal and external customers with advanced statistics and machine learning techniques.

Panama’s Big Bet, Part 2: Can Panama’s economic growth continue?

If Panama is to continue its own golden age, the pressure on the ACP and the Panama Canal to capture an increasing share of a shrinking market and deliver on ...

The quest for a CDL Part II: The most disappointing ‘B’ you’ll ever receive

These online tests could totally be a truck driver's version of the The Last Starfighter, right?

Mobile rewards: fleets using tech to ‘gamify’ driving experience

Automated scoring systems make it possible for fleets to reward and recognize drivers for positive contributions.

The quest for a CDL Part I: There’s how many pages?

I hope you'll find these blogs a humorous journey from the prospective of a guy who just wants to learn to drive – legally.

Survey underscores aging driver problem, sheds light on job’s challenges

The survey results underscore the aging driver workforce dilemma. It is a problem today, but it soon will be the biggest crisis in the trucking industry as the demand for ...

Is autonomy the technology the public doesn’t want?

If 85 percent of respondents want nothing to do with autonomous cars, it shouldn't come as a surprise that even more want nothing to do with self-driving heavy trucks.

Batteries aren’t the only shocking thing on proposed electric Class 8 truck

You could get Tesla’s first generation Roadster for $130,000. That put the electric car with a 0 to 60 time of 3.7 seconds in the lower end of a bracket ...