Panama’s Big Bet, Part 2: Can Panama’s economic growth continue?

If Panama is to continue its own golden age, the pressure on the ACP and the Panama Canal to capture an increasing share of a shrinking market and deliver on ...

The quest for a CDL Part II: The most disappointing ‘B’ you’ll ever receive

These online tests could totally be a truck driver's version of the The Last Starfighter, right?

Mobile rewards: fleets using tech to ‘gamify’ driving experience

Automated scoring systems make it possible for fleets to reward and recognize drivers for positive contributions.

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Taking Maintenance ‘In-House’ Pays Off for Wallis Transport

Two years ago, Wallis Transportation stopped outsourcing the maintenance of its truck fleet. Instead, the Cuba, Missouri-based company made the investment to bring that work…

The quest for a CDL Part I: There’s how many pages?

I hope you'll find these blogs a humorous journey from the prospective of a guy who just wants to learn to drive – legally.

Survey underscores aging driver problem, sheds light on job’s challenges

The survey results underscore the aging driver workforce dilemma. It is a problem today, but it soon will be the biggest crisis in the trucking industry as the demand for ...

Is autonomy the technology the public doesn’t want?

If 85 percent of respondents want nothing to do with autonomous cars, it shouldn't come as a surprise that even more want nothing to do with self-driving heavy trucks.

Batteries aren’t the only shocking thing on proposed electric Class 8 truck

You could get Tesla’s first generation Roadster for $130,000. That put the electric car with a 0 to 60 time of 3.7 seconds in the lower end of a bracket ...

Report: Shippers demanding rate decreases from carriers

Under a brief investment report titled “Shippers continue to bludgeon rates,” by trucking financial research group Stifel Transportation comes this gem: A large dry van carrier recently told the firm ...

Pride Transport’s driver orientation: cool trucks, cool people

Driver onboarding has become a major area of focus for fleets. Pride Transports shows technology that helps keep drivers satisfied

LEDs lighting the way to improved road safety

Drop-in LED replacements have become fairly commonplace on trailer brakes and turn signals where frequent bumps and jarring can render rear lamps dark, but they are still largely an aftermarket ...

In light of delays by DOT, Senate bill calls for quick action on speed limiters

For nearly two years, the DOT has issued a report each month indicating the rule is weeks away from publication. Despite those reports, the rule's been snared by the regulatory ...

Utility Trailer making milestones in the wake of devastation

Glade Spring is the hometown of Leo Shoals, who won the Minor League baseball Triple Crown in 1951 with a then-and-short-lived record of 55 home runs in a single season. ...