Post.Bid.Ship: a spot market on steroids

Cummins, China and the future of trucking

I hate math. And math hates me. But I’m going to put aside my loathing of this particular discipline for a moment to illustrate why it seems like every company ...

‘Value-added’ tolls: A better deal for trucking?

What’s up at Cummins?

The 2014 Mid-America Truck Show is in the books. And while, by all accounts, it was a good gathering for the industry at large, frankly, there wasn’t a lot of ...

Highway bill update: Republican budget, state fuel taxes, tick-tock

The partisan positions are simple enough (though the reality often varies): Democrats generally will spend first and find funding later, while Republicans won’t. President Obama’s 2015 federal budget proposal is an ...

Michio Kaku to Discuss the Future of Transportation and the Nation’s Infrastructure at CCJ Spring Symposium

Michio Kaku will give the keynote address as part of the CCJ Spring Symposium held at the Franklin Cool Springs Marriott May 19-21, 2014.  Dr. Michio Kaku a renowned author, professor and theoretical physicist, will discuss the future of transportation and the nation's infrastructure.  Other symposium topics include driver recruiting best practices, an update from Washington, a discussion on global trucking conditions and breakout session on upgrading to ELDs and moving to automated manual transmissions. A full registration includes all sessions, 2-nights hotel, meals and golf or spa.  For more information visit

How-to guide: paying drivers for performance

One of the timely topics discussed at the Truckload Carriers Association’s annual conference, held in Grapevine, Texas, March 23-25, was creating incentive plans for drivers. Beth Carroll, managing principal of the ...

Could Einstein fix CSA?


Logo tattoos, smoking Cinderellas and great customer service

Do your best customers proudly wear tattoos of your brand? The cult-like following enjoyed by Harley-Davidson is an extreme example (though Mack Trucks will have their own tattoo artists at Mid-America ...

5 forces behind the evolution of fleet mobility

Owner-ops weigh in on truck size, fuel efficiency regs

One-size-fits-all rules and regulations can be disastrous for the trucking industry – or at least for those companies whose operations or business situations don’t quite fit the model a particular ...

Tire Pressure Blues

There was a lot of talk about tires at the TMC Spring Meeting in Nashville this week. It seems that every fleet attending does something different in terms of pressure ...

Will new engine designs change the game?

Expanding connectivity with drivers

Another 2 cents’ worth: Gas tax isn’t broken

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association on Friday published a plea and powerful graphic detailing the plight of the federal highway program – and, as ARTBA points out, this ...

The best laid plans

A good buddy of mine hit a run of exceptionally bad luck a few years ago. He lost most of his immediate family to untimely deaths. His wife left him. ...

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