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Research leads Pitt Ohio to create emergency savings plan for drivers, employees

After discovering a link between drivers' personal finances and safety, Pitt Ohio started a program to provide an emergency savings fund for employees.

The quest for a CDL Part VII: Well …

The test that was supposed to take two hours took about four.

The quest for a CDL Part VI: It’s go time

I plan to spend most of my last two days of training in reverse.

Cyberattacks: the biggest threat to automated trucking

Increasingly, the transportation industry is using IoT technology to expand connectivity across entire supply chains.

Platooning from the passenger’s seat

It's interesting to watch this technology in action, even though it can be somewhat un-nerving to ride in a truck that is being led around by someone who 50-plus feet ...

It begins: shippers adding new FDA safety rules to carrier contracts

Shippers are starting to revise motor carrier contracts to meet the April, 2017, deadline for compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Solving diesel technician shortage a technical challenge

A diesel technician’s job is about as an advanced technological career field as anything on the market and hits just about every major push in the STEM curriculum.

Fueled by data: how ‘machine learning’ detects fuel waste, fraud by drivers

Real-time analysis goes beyond card controls to detect fuel transactions that fleets consider wasteful or even fraudulent

What you didn’t learn from Monday’s debate

If you missed the game last night, the Falcons won. And if you tuned into the debate hoping for valuable input from the next leader of the free world, you ...

What’s in an ETA? Tech helps fleets gain an upper hand in e-commerce

Increasingly, shippers are asking for more visibility of their shipments at every stage, from the point of sale to the “final mile” delivery.

New Navistar partnership doesn’t necessarily spell end to old ones

This week, Volkswagen and Navistar consummated their long-rumored courtship when the German truck maker shelled out $265 million for an almost 17 percent ownership stake in the Lisle, Ill.-based maker ...

What’s in a name?

New Cascadia versus old. Classic versus next generation. Call it whatever you want as long as you call it Cascadia.

How does a 21-year-old fleet owner prepare for the future of trucking?

A few technology-based freight brokerage and 3pls are developing TMS platforms for carriers, to have fast access to capacity that otherwise would be hidden in the market.

Phase 2 puts trucking in familiar yet unchartered water

It would take more than 60 of today's generation clean diesel trucks to equal the emissions from a single truck built before 1990. That and more on the costs of ...