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Top 10 cities for outbound freight in all three major truckload segments in 2016

Atlanta held the top spot for van and reefer loads, while Little Rock, Ark., remained the top spot for flatbed freight. Here's a look at the rest of the list.

Indicators: January freight up big year over year, survey shows fleets optimistic for ‘17

Freight and rates both jumped noticeably compared to last January, according to loadboard DAT.

Tech Toolbox: Modern routing systems can increase fuel economy and fleet productivity

Planning truck routes to get the lowest possible fuel costs is no small feat. Pump prices can fluctuate along interstate routes, and that’s only one of many considerations. Sophisticated fuel ...

CCJ Tech Toolbox: Using technology to boost fleet productivity

The February edition of the CCJ Tech Toolbox series examines how fleets can utilize new tech to maximize their productivity, keying in on routing for the best fuel mileage, advanced ...

Indicators: Trucking Conditions lagged in December, but still expected to gain in 2017

Despite a December decline, FTR still projects conditions for 2017 to steadily swing in carriers’ favor. Also, the DOT reported a freight upswing in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Dana set to acquire axle housing, driveline shaft manufacturing operation

Dana says the acquisition provides the company with USM's proprietary tube-manufacturing processes and intellectual property for lightweight thin-wall axle tubes and hollow axle shafts.

Trump’s two-for-one regs order challenged in court, partially over truck safety and emissions regs

A lawsuit filed in federal court Wednesday seeks to block a recent order from President Trump directing federal agencies to repeal two existing regulations for each new one enacted. Plaintiffs ...

Video: Preventable or Not — Trucker backs trailer into pot hole

Truck operator John Doe was backing his truck toward a dock when his trailer fell into a rain-filled pot hole, damaging his trailers cross-members. Could Doe have prevented this accident?

New weigh-in-motion scales installed on I-15 in southeast Idaho

As trucks approach the scale, censors in the road will register the vehicle’s weight and axle configuration, and it will verify that the truck is running at legal weight, height ...

Judge finds Werner driver trainees not entitled to wages for sleeper berth time

In a revised order, Nebraska’s chief federal district judge has determined Werner Enterprises’ driver trainees are not entitled to compensation for sleeper berth time, but she refused to decertify the ...
True Fuel from Vnomics

TCA offering certification programs on driver recruiting and retention

To begin the Truckload Academy program, TCA will offer three certificates: the Human Resources Certificate, the Recruitment Certificate, and the Retention Certificate.

Reports show slow freight, rates took their toll on largest carriers’ bottom lines in 2016

2016 earnings reports from some of the country's largest carriers -- with a few exceptions -- show drops in revenue, income and other metrics.

Driver training org: Trump delay won’t affect rule, FMCSA may add behind-the-wheel minimum later

Recent hurdles aside, the rule likely will remain as-is through its 2020 implementation date, says CVTA President Don Lefeve. Data derived after the rule is implemented could lead FMCSA to ...

Fleet optimism continues to grow, CCJ survey shows

59.3 percent of the December 2016 CCJ MarketPulse survey respondents believe business conditions will be better over the next six months, up considerably compared to the 41.3 percent of respondents ...