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Highway fatalities drop to lowest level since ’40s but increase among large trucks

An analysis from the Department of Transportation’s National highway Traffic Safety Administration says highway deaths in 2011 fell to their lowest levels since 1949 to 32,367 deaths — a 26 percent decline since 2005 and a 1.9 percent drop from 2010.

However, fatalities of large truck occupants rose 20 percent from 2010, and NHTSA is “working with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to gather more detailed information on large truck occupant crashes to better understand the increase in fatalities in 2011” says the announcement from the DOT. 

Americans on the whole drove fewer miles in 2011 than in 2010, says the DOT’s study, but the number of fatalities outpaced the drop in mileage. According to the announcement, 2011 also recorded the lowest fatality rate ever per 100 million vehicle miles traveled — 1.10. That number is down from 1.11 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles in 2011. 

Distracted driving also proved more costly in 2011, as the number of deaths caused by distraction-affected crashes increased 1.9 percent from 2010 to 3,331. 

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When you put inexperianced,poorley trained people and a Gov. office(FMCSA) that won't listen to us EXPERIANCED drivers. You have the makings for a perfect storm. There is NO load that's worth getting killed or killing ANYONE over,NOT ONE. These dispatchers play on the fact that some of these new drivers are afraid to say NO or their tired because there under the 14hr rule gun and push it,sometime's with bad results. Then we got people that haven't got a CLUE as to what is REALLY going on out here,putting their 2cents in. Yet a 4wheeler can continue to drive around us like it's NASCAR time.As far as the distracted thing,next their going do is put us in a cubicle with nothing in it. There are sooooo many distractions out here besides the phone while driving. Yet a person driving a large Motor home,a car,ETC... can drive talking on a phone without penelty. Don't seem FAIR to me. I plan on getting out of this JOKE for a job after 27yrs because I can't take anymore of the C--- that is being shuved down my throat all in the name of safty,they claim, and it's all BS. I'm jus saying!!!!  

Wayne Pain
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This is the result of corporate backed lobbying in Washington D.C.  These people who run these trucking companies really think that truckers are idiots who do nothing more than hold a steering wheel.  If I give you 20 million dollars and you go out and buy a bunch of trucks, then hire drivers, then hire mechanics, then find a few customers, you are the owner of a trucking company.  Congratulations and you know nothing about sitting behind the wheel for 150K miles a year. 


You know nothing about how to get the rest you need and what it is like to be under the kind of pressure that most truckers are under.  In the end it is the driver's fault for taking the job in the first place.  If no one worked for these people, these ridiculous laws would never see the light of day.  The driver's only hope is to join together and stand as one to fight these people and their nonsensical ridiculousness.  There is only ONE organization for the drivers that has teeth and a voice.  Find that organization and join so they can be a million strong and actually kick these people to the curb once and for all.  I will give you a hint.  It is the OOIDA. 


Can we blame the CSA Regulation? HMMM? CSA started in 2010! By pushing the experienced older drivers out from CSA becoming affective and closeing the small companies with experinced drivers. We are getting new drivers thrown into a truck and creating the problems. JUST MY OPINION.



 Yep and the   11/14 rules forces drivers to drive  tired.Now they want to go all electronic log and every  driver that I know that runs them says it forces

them to drive tired and Quote Pee in a bottle and eat while driving.