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2015 Fleet and Vehicle Management Report

What do today’s fleet professionals think of GPS tracking technology? More than 1,100 business owners, fleet operators, and general managers participated in a recent survey regarding their biggest fleet management challenges – and how they use technology to solve them.

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The Great Debate: Is GPS Tracking Really Beneficial for Fleets?

Since GPS tracking was first introduced to the fleet industry, there has been a debate as to whether this technology is really beneficial for fleets or not. Read this whitepaper to see both sides of the debate.

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Protect your People, Property, and Profitability with Fleet Management

Help significantly reduce risk to your fleet and the costs that go along with it. Discover how risk management comes down to reducing your exposures by taking steps to increase driver awareness, reduce risky driving behaviors, and promote safer ones. Learn why implementing a proven GPS fleet tracking system makes the difference.

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Freightliner’s 5 Factors that Determine a Truck’s Real Cost

Anyone that’s in the trucking business needs to know these factors and why they’re vital in determining a truck’s real cost. Because only then can you make an informed decision when choosing the truck that’s right for your business. Download your FREE guide now to learn these important factors. Simply fill out the short form to access your FREE guide to Real Cost of Ownershipsm: *By downloading the white paper, you are opting in to be contacted by DTNA/Freightliner.*

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Satellite TV Used to Improve Driver Recruiting and Safety Scores – Case Study

John Daniels, CEO of Long Haul Trucking is constantly focused on recruiting new drivers and retaining the professional drivers he currently employs. So how does Daniels manage to fill not only his company driver seats but also attract owner-operators? Daniels, whose company motto is Running on the power of promises kept, says he treats his employees like they are family and believes in equipping them with the tools and information needed to succeed as a professional driver.

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The Four Most Effective Ways to Improve Fleet Safety: FREE eBook from Telogis

Safety takes time to implement and entails more than just telling your drivers to drive safely. Go beyond the basics and join other global enterprises  using the industry's only platform for location intelligence to ensure your teams get to where they need to be safely.

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The Impact Of Measuring Driver And Vehicle Behavior

Driver error is the leading cause of nearly all fleet crashes and near-accidents on the road. The majority of these errors are the result of detectable driving behavior that fleet managers can prevent using a GPS fleet tracking solution.

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8 Frequently Asked Questions about Fuel Rebates

How can you choose from all the various rebate programs offered by fuel card companies?

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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About buying Medium-Duty Work Trucks

The most important tool in your business is the one that gets you, your crew and your equipment to and from the jobsite. You want to buy the best work truck to suit your specific business criteria. Here are the 5 questions you should ask about cost of ownership, durability, drivability, eco-friendliness and image.

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Making the case for LNG in Class 8 over-the-road trucking

The emergence of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an alternative to diesel fuel for Class 8 trucking operations has spurred a great deal of interest and discussion among fleet owners across North America. The question shouldn’t be whether LNG or compressed natural gas (CNG) solutions are across-the-board replacements for diesel, rather in what areas of a fleet’s operation does LNG or CNG make more sense than diesel?

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7 Deadly Mistakes Fleet Owners Make

Do you know for certain that your drivers are using company fuel strictly for company business? Can you account for all of their purchases based on a shoebox full of credit or debit card receipts? If the answer is unclear to either question, you probably don’t have a fuel card program. In today’s tough economic climate, there is little margin for tolerating employee theft. Seemingly innocuous slippage can reduce profits, hurt morale and end up costing you more than a tank of fuel.

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