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Articles by CCJ Staff

Trailer orders surge in October

Trailer orders have now totaled 290,000 units over the past 12 months.

Video: Preventable or not? Trucker can’t avoid foggy morning collision

In this video adaptation of a scenario from CCJ's Preventable or Not manual, driver John Doe was operating at the posted speed limit in blanket ...

Sure Shim’s pigtail plug receptacle/safety shim

Sure Shim’s pigtail plug/receptacle safety shims are made of a proprietary blend of polypropylene with additives for protection from UV rays, corrosives and extreme cold ...

Autonomous retrofitter Embark deploys semi-autonomous trucks in on-highway tests

In a partnership with Ryder and Frigidaire, autonomous retrofitter Embark announced it conducted tests of its semi-autonomous system in four states last month. Ryder tractors ...

ATA names National Driver of the Year, honors fleets for safety

Walmart Transportation driver Gary Plant was recently named the National Driver of the Year by the American Trucking Associations’ Safety Management Council.

Phillips’ spiral wrap assemblies

Phillips’ Spiral Wrap products are suited for replacing old or making new combination air and electrical assemblies for the company’s 3-In-1 and 4-In-1 packages that ...

Iowa college awarded $80k for CDL training for military veterans

The college says its goal is to train and graduate 20 military veterans and help them land driving jobs.

TST’s TPMS display monitor

TST’s Full Color Wide Screen Display is designed to monitor tire pressures and temperatures and is engineered to be used with all existing sensors. It ...

Nikola initiates rollout of its hydrogen network

Scott Perry, Nikola’s chief operating officer, says the company has thousands of trucks on reserve that need to be delivered.

Grote’s bifunctional LED headlight

Grote’s Combination High/Low Beam 4-by-6-inch LED Headlight is suited for replacing halogen and/or HID lamps. The lamp is designed to project a light source that ...

TCA launches insurance education program

The new program is divided into modules covering a variety of topics, including the types of insurance coverages needed, key strategies for obtaining a sound ...

Crime report: CDL drug testing schemes, CDL fraud, more

Action was taken in several cases involving fraudulent CDL drug testing, a case involving fraudulent CDL testing and more.

Diesel prices creep closer to $3 per gallon

California saw the biggest increase during the week with prices rising an average of 6.9 cents, followed by the West Coast less California, which saw ...

Preventable or not? One-way ticket to bad day for Doe

Could the truck driver have prevented this accident? Find out here.