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Articles by Jason Cannon

Jason Cannon is the Equipment Editor for Commercial Carrier Journal and Overdrive, and is a Class A CDL holder. Reach him at

Daimler opens Oregon truck proving grounds

The track’s design, thanks in part to its varying engineered surfaces, allows the company to accelerate its road testing.

Delo sets summer debut for lower viscosity oils

Rollout of the low viscosity synthetic oils was originally expected this spiring.

Trailer orders continue 2017’s strong run

There is growing optimism about freight levels as the year progresses and fleets are replacing old equipment, even adding some new units in anticipation of ...

Used truck market ‘hitting bottom’

Model year 2013 trucks have gained 12.2 percent in value.

Elon Musk: Galactic pioneer or asphalt cowboy?

The level of battery-exclusive power needed for a viable electric Class 8 is both unprecedented and mind-boggling considering one gallon of diesel represents about 38 ...

IIHS testing validates safety potential of side-mounted trailer underride guards

In 2015, IIHS says 301 of the 1,542 passenger vehicle occupants killed in two-vehicle crashes with a tractor-trailer died when their vehicles struck the side ...

Peterbilt adding Paccar 20k, 22k steer axles to work truck line

Pererbilt says the design of the Paccar axle provides improved maneuverability with a turn angle of up to 50 degrees.

Uber CEO offers first look at Uber Freight, the company’s long-haul trucking venture

What the Uber Freight Volvo could have been picking up, or dropping off, from Dallas, Texas-based Eddie Deen's Ranch is anyone's guess. 

Getting your trucks summer ready

Many trucks have spent the last several months battling winter conditions but as Spring settles in, several key maintenance areas need to be addressed before ...

Truck orders hit 20,000-plus units for fifth consecutive month

April orders met expectations with a 4 percent increase over March and up 77 percent from a year ago.

We’ve seen the future of trucking … kind of

Other than dropping a few keywords like "heavy-duty" and "long range," and noting the truck would be one drivers would want to drive, Elon Musk ...

Ford making electronic stability standard on tractor models next year

The system will initially be optional on certain F-750 diesel air-braked straight trucks with high-center-of-gravity-body upfits.

Test drive: Western Star 5700XE ‘Wings of Awesomeness’ package

Western Star has come a long way in 50 years and it's Anniversary Package is a really cool way to celebrate that heritage.

Test drive: Western Star’s 4900 XD-25

The XD-25, and a soon-to-come XD-30, will be powered by a Detroit DD13 next model year.
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