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Articles by Jason Cannon

Jason Cannon is the Equipment Editor for Commercial Carrier Journal and Overdrive, and is a Class A CDL holder. Reach him at

Western Star gets new division boss

David Carson, currently president of Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC), has been appointed president of Western Star Trucks and chief diversity officer of Daimler Trucks ...

Truck orders pass 30K units in back-to-back months

North American Class 8 orders for the past twelve months have now totaled 274,000 units.

Alkane Truck Company moves toward launch of electric truck

Both parties say they have agreed to provide evLabs the opportunity to become the Alkane Logistics Manager and Certified Assembler of its new product line ...

CCJ Tech Toolbox: Drivers often need coaching to play a role in fuel savings

Drivers – specifically their right foot – play a significant role in fuel consumption, but many fleets lack the level of detail needed to coach ...

Riding the strength of Mexican truck market, Daimler bracing for emerging cabover preference

Truck exportation represents 6.3 percent of Mexico's Gross Domestic Product.

Test drive: the Nikola Zero UTV that will give rise to the Nikola One tractor

Over the course of the day, we averaged about 740 Watt Hours per mile and used a total 34 kWh – about 33 percent of ...

Should we call it Trucksgiving?

Recent analysis conducted by the Minnesota Trucking Association shows it takes more than 83,000 truckloads to haul Thanksgiving into your home. 

Tech Toolbox: Technology’s role in fuel economy

In this 11th edition of CCJ’s Tech Toolbox, we look at the role technology has played in boosting fuel economy and, in at least one ...

Tips for winterizing your truck before cold weather sets in

The shift to cold weather can impact a trucks' fluids, tires, belts and hoses.

Orders trickle in for Tesla Semi

John Roberts, J.B. Hunt president and chief executive officer, says his company has placed a reservation for "multiple" Tesla tractors.

Searching for Tesla’s place in trucking from behind the wheel of the Model S

Tesla's Model S looks like a car and acts like a car but its processes are on a different level.

Engaging, incentivizing drivers for cutting downtime

Management's role in the process is to spot check inspections and to coordinate maintenance and operation departments.

CSA overhaul presents opportunities for trucking stakeholders

A review of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) standards by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) suggested in June that lawmakers overhaul the program, opening ...