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Top techs: If you want to keep us, train us

Technicians taking part in the Rush Truck Center Tech Rodeo this week say regular training is one of the biggest attractions to a job.

CRST’s Smiths give Cornell $10 million to fund family business initiative

Cornell University and its graduate business school made a big difference for John Smith, MBA '74, and perhaps an even bigger difference for the family ...

75 ways to cut your fleet’s fuel costs

With the “new norm” cost of diesel at $4 per gallon, fleets should be looking at every possible opportunity to lower fuel consumption. Here are ...

Infographic: What is the biggest highway safety threat?

Using data from the DOT, here's an infographic presenting highlights on fault in fatal truck-car crashes and the main causes.

Rates stay strong despite month-over-month drop

Spot market rates in all three segments reached all-time highs in June, and though the per-mile rates fell slightly in July, they're still stronger then ...