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Volvo VNL 670 (2010 and newer)


Volvo has continuously updated its VNL Series tractors with improved aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, and performance. VNL models include a selection of premium sleeper and daycab models designed to cover a wide range on-highway applications and offer drivers unsurpassed drivability, safety, and comfort.

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2,900-truck fleet in Southeast

4.4 Rating
Reviewer Comments

It’s a very solid truck – very safety oriented. We shifted our specs this year and decided to go with Volvo engines and the I-Shift transmission and that has made a big difference in our fuel economy. We were running the ISX prior to this, but we’re now we’re getting more than 7 mpg consistently. Our drivers really like the truck, too.

Volvo has a good suite of safety options. We’d been spec’ing Wingman. This year we added lane departure warning as well. And that’s been a big help keeping some of our guys in line safety-wise.

Volvo does a great job in supporting us. We do most of our routine maintenance ourselves. But they have been there for us with service bulletins and any other help we need.

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  • Overall aesthetics 5
  • Suitability for your application/business 5
  • Overall vehicle reliability/durability 5
  • Overall vehicle design 5
  • Serviceability 4
  • OEM support 5
  • Dealer support 5
  • Fuel economy 3
  • Vehicle cost per mile 3
  • Acquisition cost 4
  • Resale value 4

300-truck fleet in Midwest

4.2 Rating
Reviewer Comments Very much like the truck. I love the cockpit. It’s a very comfortable truck to drive and live in. OEM support is generally good.

Very much like the truck. I love the cockpit. It’s a very comfortable truck to drive and live in. I like the stand-up sleeper space. It’s very roomy and nice. There’s just nothing annoying about the truck. It rides nice. It isn’t noisy. We’ve got it spec’d with a 13-speed transmission. We max out at about 70,000 lbs. So it goes up hills great. But we’re still getting about 7.8 mpg at 67 mph.

If I were nitpicking, I’d say the convex mirror design reflects too much dashboard light at night. You have turn the dash lights down to see out of the mirror. But that’s being really nit-picky. It’s not that big a deal. The truck is really nice the way it is.

OEM support is generally good. They’re always busy. That’s the main thing. So I play the small fleet/little guy card. I go for the pity angle. And it always works: They take a look at get me out of there fast. That said, the only issue we’ve had on the truck were some injector issues at about 450,000 miles.

Pre-trip inspection points and tech access is very good.

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  • Overall aesthetics 4
  • Suitability for your application/business 4
  • Overall vehicle reliability/durability 4
  • Overall vehicle design 4
  • Serviceability 4
  • OEM support 5
  • Dealer support 5
  • Fuel economy 4
  • Vehicle cost per mile 4
  • Acquisition cost 4
  • Resale value 4

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Other comments:

1,000-truck flatbed fleet in Southeast


We love the truck. Put it this way: I just ordered 100 more. We’re running the I-Shift now and we love that, too. I’d been shy of automatics for a long time, but decided to give them a try and they work great. It’s just a terrific transmission: it’s married up really well with the engine and we’re getting really good fuel economy.

The aerodynamics help with the fuel economy. But I think the transmission has been the biggest boost on that front.The drivers love the trucks, too. We spec them out pretty nice with APUs and refrigerators and things like that. And they like all those bells and whistles. It’s a comfortable truck. Now, some of the bigger drivers tell me they have more room in an International – but 90 percent of our drivers prefer the Volvo. They say it rides and handles better and has more comfort. We are absolutely getting outstanding dealer support.

That’s one of the biggest reasons I stick with Volvo. We warranty the trucks out pretty long: 300,000 miles. So we’re covered on pretty much everything and they have a great national network. There are a few bad areas. But overall, it’s outstanding.

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*Averaged from 5 qualified fleet reviews

3.9 Average*
  • Overall aesthetics 4.2
  • Suitability for your application/business 4.4
  • Overall vehicle reliability/durability 4.2
  • Overall vehicle design 4.2
  • Serviceability 3.8
  • OEM support 4
  • Dealer support 3.8
  • Fuel economy 3.4
  • Vehicle cost per mile 3.4
  • Acquisition cost 3.8
  • Resale value 3.6