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Mack MP8 Econodyne


Although Mack excels in vocational applications, its 13-liter MP8 diesel can be spec’d with the company’s Econodyne fuel economy package for long-haul operations. The MP8 is rated from 415 to 505 horsepower with torque ratings ranging from 1,460 to 1,860 lb.-ft. The engine features a robust, single overhead cam design.

Featured reviews:

300-truck general freight carrier in Southeast

3.9 Rating
Reviewer Comments We have really good dealer support. They do a real good job backing us up.

It’s a good engine. Tough. We don’t have a lot of trouble with it. We have had some fuel injector issues lately. But we have really good dealer support. They do a real good job backing us up.

The fuel economy is good – but up and down. We average about 7 mpg in the summer and about 6.7 mpg in the winter. Most of that has to do with the fuel blends, though, I think. But we run maxed out both coming and going. And it’s a good engine on that front. Decent mileage and very durable.

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  • Suitability for your application/business 4
  • Overall reliability/durability 4
  • Overall engine design 3
  • Serviceability 4
  • OEM support 4
  • Dealer support 5
  • Fuel economy 4
  • Horsepower rating 4
  • Torque rating 4
  • Acquisition cost 4
  • Resale value 3

15-truck tank fleet in Southeast

4.8 Rating
Reviewer Comments

I like the M-Drive and for the most part they’ve been trouble free. We had an early unit that ran out of fluid – and we never could find any leak. Mack replaced it. But that was strange.

It’s a tough transmission. We’re a tanker fleet – haul gasoline – and it’s more than up to the job. The drivers always complain. Their biggest complaint is that the M-Drive gets them up into higher gears faster than they’d like. I try to tell them they’re not driving a race car. But they’re Old School and think they have to keep the engine wound up to get anything done. But when we have to bring in a rental truck with a manual transmission now, they whine about that and want the M-Drive. You can’t keep them happy.

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  • Suitability for your application/business 5
  • Overall reliability/durability 5
  • Overall engine design 5
  • Serviceability 5
  • OEM support 5
  • Dealer support 5
  • Fuel economy 3
  • Horsepower rating 5
  • Torque rating 5
  • Acquisition cost 5
  • Resale value 5

*Averaged from 5 qualified fleet reviews

4.3 Average*
  • Suitability for your application/business 4.4
  • Overall reliability/durability 4.4
  • Overall engine design 4.2
  • Serviceability 4.2
  • OEM support 4.2
  • Dealer support 4.6
  • Fuel economy 4.4
  • Horsepower rating 4.4
  • Torque rating 4.4
  • Acquisition cost 4.2
  • Resale value 4