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big data

Ordering the combo package of fleet connectivity

In the past few years, companies have been taking big strides to corner the market of connected fleet technologies.

Fleets talk transformation at Telogis conference

The Telogis Latitude conference, held Oct. 26-28 in Dana Point, Calif., brought together fleet executives from a diverse group of industries. Each had a story to tell about how their ...

SmartDrive adds lightweight deployment option for video-based safety system

SmartDrive Systems announced the option for fleets to deploy a single-camera, light version of its video-based safety system.

Finding the signs of driver turnover

Omnitracs Analytics has found the early signs of driver turnover by running fleets' operational data through its algorithms.

Danella Companies sees big safety improvements from video-based program

Overall, the construction fleet experienced a 79 percent improvement in its safety score with a reduction in litigation expenses, better driver retention and greater operational efficiency.

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The next generation spot market: truck capacity, pricing on demand

In many ways, the trucking industry is becoming just like the travel industry in terms of pricing. With popular search sites like Expedia, Priceline and Kayak, consumers can make instant ...

TMW Systems updates portfolio at TransForm user conference

During the 2015 TransForum user conference, TMW Systems announced a number of new products, services and enhanced capabilities for its extensive portfolio

TMW Systems shows fleets how to ‘make time’ with business intelligence

TMW Systems is creating its own big data analytics platform specifically for transportation. This new “vertical analytics” platform can be used to predict certain behaviors within the industry using structured ...

PeopleNet takes its new ‘ConnectedFleet’ platform to the Cloud

PeopleNet announced a new ConnectedFleet platform that enables third party developers, its fleet customers, and the company itself to utilize real-time data to support the growing ecosystem of mobile and ...

Telematics in the driver’s seat of connected vehicles

As busy as OEMs are with connected vehicle technology, telematics companies carry an equally heavy load. They are building engines of a different kind to power big data analytics.

Daimler, Zonar enhanced partnership takes service and support to the next level

No matter what the OEM makeup of your fleet looks like, a truck isn’t worth a hill of beans if you can’t rely on quality service and support to diagnose ...

Facebook on steroids: U.S. Xpress creates social apps to manage fleet

No company wants employees to be using social media while at work, but as U.S. Xpress has shown, the components of social media do have a place in modern business ...

The Internet of Transportation Things, part 3: connected trucks and big data

Manufacturers of commercial trucks are using connected vehicle technology to attract and keep buyers. What will they think of next?

Omnitracs Analytics marks 10-year anniversary, offers free trial of Recruiting Model

Omnitracs Analytics, part of Omnitracs and a pioneer in applying predictive analytics and remediation applications in the transportation industry, marked its 10-year anniversary.
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