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After 10 found dead in tractor-trailer, trucker charged with illegally transporting immigrants

Thirty-nine undocumented immigrants were found in the back of a tractor-trailer in San Antonio late Saturday night. As of Monday morning, 10 of them have been confirmed dead.

Crime report: Fleet owner involved in tax evasion scheme, trucking company fined for illegally transporting radioactive materials, more

Action in five trucking-related crimes has recently been reported, including a CDL testing scheme, a DOT drug testing scheme, tax evasion by a trucking company owner, a carrier operating without ...

Crime report: Tractor-trailer stolen, recovered in S.C., DOT drug screener charged

A truck loaded with electronics was stolen at a South Carolina truck stop while a driver was inside during his 30-minute break, and a Georgia drug screener has been charged ...

Firms warn of elevated cargo theft risk during July 4 weekend

Scott Cornell, transportation lead and crime and theft specialist for Travelers Insurance, says the ideal solution is to not leave cargo unattended during the weekend. He offers several tips for ...

UPS shooter specifically targeted three drivers, AP reports

The shooter, 38-year-old Jimmy Lam, was reportedly a disgruntled driver for UPS, according to AP.

Crime report: Former trucking company owner sentenced in marijuana smuggling operation

Activity in trucking-related criminal cases involving a multi-state commercial driver’s license testing scheme, broker fraud and drug smuggling was recently announced by the Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General ...

Cargo theft firms issue holiday weekend warning

To combat against cargo theft, SensiGuard recommends drivers and fleets confirm receivers’ hours for the holiday weekend to make sure they match up with the scheduled delivery times.

Crime report: Falsified medical exams, CDL fraud scheme update and more

A Missouri man has been charged for allegedly signing off on truckers' medical exams when he was not licensed to do so, two former Detroit DOT officials were ordered to ...

Crime report: Another CDL testing scheme, illegal radioactive material transport

Activity in three trucking-related criminal cases involving illegal transport of radioactive materials, illegal transport of fireworks and CDL testing scheme was recently announced by the Department of Transportation.

First quarter cargo thefts neared 200, CargoNet reports

Nearly a quarter of cargo thefts occurred in secured trucking yards, which CargoNet defines as fully-fenced yards where the fence is designed for access control. Warehouse locations were the next ...

Trucking school allegedly bilked more than $4M from V.A.

According to the indictment, Marshall and Waggoner recruited veterans to the school by telling them they could collect housing and other fees from the VA without attending the programs.

Crime report: Utah man charged, Michigan pair plead guilty to CDL skills test schemes

A man in Utah was charged after allegedly taking a bribe for a passing CDL skills test score, and two former Detroit DOT employees pleaded guilty in connection to a ...

Crime report: Fleet owner sentenced for embezzling union funds, Va. fleets charged for various regs violations

A Virginia trucking company, its holding company and four executives were charged with hours-of-service and other violations, and the owner of a fleet conglomerate in New Jersey was sentenced for ...

Crime report: NJ fleet owner arrested for $300k in unpaid tolls

Jose Ramirez, owner of Mambo Transportation in Jersey City, reportedly had 4,250 toll violations on his commercial and personal EZ Pass accounts.

Two Detroit DOT employees charged in CDL fraud case

The two employees have been charged with forgery and bribery for allegedly taking more than $4,000 in cash bribes for falsifying multiple state documents related to a CDL fraud scheme.