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FTC: Groups fraudulently posed as DOT reps to scam owner-ops out of nearly $20M

The motor carrier services companies sent “robocalls, emails and text messages that create and reinforce the false impression that they are, or are affiliated with, the U.S. DOT or another ...

Crime report: Carrier owner pleads guilty to reincarnating after shutdown, CDL testing scheme busted

A Pennsylvania trucking company owner pleaded guilty to charges relating to the reincarnation of a company shut down by FMCSA, more people were sentenced in a widespread CDL testing scheme ...

Cargo theft incidents nearly double in Los Angeles area, FreightWatch says

FWI says it has seen nearly double the national average for thefts of electronics and clothing and shoes, while it has seen the occurrence of reported fictitious pickups at nearly ...

Crime report: Man pleads guilty to creating false overweight permits, border inspector charged with taking bribes

An FMCSA border inspector was charged with accepting bribes, and an Ohio man pleaded guilty to creating and providing falsified overweight permits to trucking companies.

Cargo theft firms warn industry of increased theft risk around Labor Day

FreightWatch recommends for drivers and others involved in logistics to make sure safety protocols are up-to-date and that they are using industry best practices for in-transit and warehouse operations.

Crime report: Texas drug tester debarred, more on Florida CDL test scheme

A Florida man pleaded guilty in relation to a Florida CDL testing scheme, and the owner of a Texas drug testing company was debarred by the FMCSA for three years.

Fleet owner arrested for allegedly using fleet trucks to traffic cocaine, marijuana

In a press conference Tuesday, officials said company owner Peter Truong would book legitimate loads to be picked up in California and Colorado, then hide drugs in the company’s three ...

Crime roundup: Illegal hazmat transport, false overweight state permits

An overweight state permit company was charged with producing falsified permits, and a Missouri chiropractor pled guilty to submitting false medical examiner certificates.

Cargo theft incidents, values fall year-over-year, FreightWatch reports

Food and drinks represented 23 percent of total thefts during the quarter with nuts and sodas, juice, tea and water being the most targeted products in the category, according to ...

CargoNet: Cargo theft incidents down 15 percent year-over-year

According to CargoNet, 61 percent of reported thefts had a loss value recorded, and the average incident was valued at $330,339 – up $63,243 from cargo theft incidents reported in ...

Cargo theft firms issue warnings ahead of July 4 weekend

CargoNet said between July 2 and July 9 from 2012 to 2015, truckloads of non-alcoholic beverages, major appliances and copper were some of the most popular thefts. With July 4 ...

Carrier owner sentenced for bait-and-switch tactics

On June 8, Louis Massaro of Scottsdale, Arizona and Pompano Beach, Florida, again pleaded guilty to money laundering, failure to return household goods and conspiracy to commit wire fraud in ...

Crime report: CDL testing bribery scheme uncovered, trucking co. owner sentenced for false authority application

Another CDL test bribery scheme busted, while a former fleet owner is sentenced in a case involving a fraudulent authority application.

Cargo thieves active during Memorial Day weekend, firms warn

FreightWatch International and CargoNet have each issued warnings, along with recommendations, to carriers and drivers regarding annual increased cargo theft activity during the Memorial Day weekend.

221 cargo theft incidents reported in first quarter

Food and drinks continued to be the most stolen product type in the quarter, accounting for 20 percent of total thefts in the U.S.