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CSA’s Safety Measurement System returns to public view with highway bill-stipulated changes

That means carrier BASIC category scores, the primary percentile rankings that proved to be so problematic for many, are no longer shown in the public view. All that remains in ...

As CSA goes dark, data still available for private companies to produce carrier scores

Though CSA scores have been hidden, much of the data that made up CSA’s percentile rankings are still publicly available, there for shippers, insurers, brokers and others — including privately ...

ATRI report to focus on how crash accountability would affect CSA scores

Using crash data from 14 carriers, ATRI is analyzing the impact of removing five specific crash types from the Crash Indicator BASIC calculation in CSA's Safety Measurement System. The crashes ...

Prominent broker group, OOIDA back highway bill amendment that clarifies carrier hiring standards provision

The bill as-is would hit small carriers hard, say proponents of the amendment.

Vigillo uses Uber-like ‘crowdsourcing’ model to fix CSA

Vigillo is using a crowd sourcing model to classify accidents and create a more accurate CSA snapshot.

Vigillo confronts CSA issues with ‘Just’ crash review, alternative-scoring system

Carriers utilitzing "Just" can obtain and present to customers "a true picture of the compliance, safety and accountability of" the fleet, Vigillo says.

FMCSA tells critics its CSA program works, issues report defending carrier ranking system

A new analysis from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reiterates the agency’s position that its Safety Measurement System utilizes enough data to issue rankings (also known as “CSA scores”) ...

Trucking groups, carriers weigh in on FMCSA’s proposed CSA changes

FMCSA says the CSA changes will better the expansive regulatory program. Carriers and trucking lobbying groups, however, say some of the changes are a step in the wrong direction.

Senate clears two highway bills: Another short term patch and highway bill with provision to remove CSA scores

The Senate mid-Thursday overwhelmingly passed a six-year highway bill that would remove carrier percentile scores in the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program from public view, among other regulatory reforms.

Senate moves closer to highway bill passage, House still shaking head

The Senate voted late Wednesday to allow a vote on the six-year DRIVE Act highway bill that, if enacted, would remove from public view carrier rankings and alerts in the ...