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electronic logs

Teletrac Navman’s Director ELD product added to FMCSA registry

The in-cab ELD component of Director, Teletrac Navman Drive, joins the FMCSA’s list of registered ELDs that are self-certified by the companies that supply the technology.

Groups push ELD argument to DOT boss

Two trucking industry lobbyists sent letters directly to DOT Secretary Elaine Chao in recent weeks. One asked her to strike the ELD mandate by sweeping it into President Trump's anti-regulations ...

ELDs: Roundup of available products

From CCJ's comprehensive ELD buyers' guide: A look at 50+ available devices on the market.

Texas mandates ELDs for intrastate truckers; all states required to do same

Though Texas appears to be the first state to issue an ELD requirement for intrastate truckers, other states will likely soon follow, says Joe Rajkovacz, head of regulatory affairs for ...

More than tracking hours: Features abound with modern ELDs

Continuing CCJ's comprehensive ELD buyers' guide: From built-in dashcams to scanners and transportation management software (TMS) system integration capabilities, electronic logging devices do more, often a lot more, than merely ...

ELD Buyers’ Guide: How drivers, ELDs track duty status

From CCJ's comprehensive ELD guide: While electronic logs generally automate parts of logkeeping and in some ways simplify the rest, they still require direct driver involvement in most duty status ...

OOIDA petitions Supreme Court to hear case against ELD mandate

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has taken its lawsuit against the federal government’s electronic logging device mandate to its last possible stop. The group filed Monday a petition with the ...

The two ELD options: Smartphone-based platforms vs. dedicated devices

Though there are plenty of variations, two types of ELDs have emerged: Dedicated units and so-called BYOD ("bring your own device") systems. More here in CCJ's comprehensive ELD buyers' guide. ...

2017 ELD Buyers’ Guide

Since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s late 2015 release of its final rule for using electronic logging devices, there’s been a rising swell of ELD development. Customers can choose ...

FMCSA holding public meeting to talk ELD spec’s for manufacturers

“This meeting is intended to address questions received from ELD manufacturers and to review the required standardized output and standardized data sets” defined in the ELD rule’s technical specifications, FMCSA ...

Apex Capital to offer KeepTruckin ELDs to clients

Factoring company Apex Capital says it spent 12 months testing and evaluating ELD solutions before selecting the best option for its client base.

Fleet Complete acquires BigRoad to add ELD compliance platform

Fleet Complete says the partnership will enable it to offer an electronic logging device (ELD) compliance platform in North America.

Teletrac Navman issues ELD compliance guarantee for Director product

Teletrac says that customers of its Director platform will receive firmware and software updates to comply with ELD mandate requirements throughout the ELD timeline and beyond.