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electronic logs

Penske creates ELD app for rental customers

The new Penske Driver app is available for Android and iOS/Apple devices and connects to hardware in Penske’s rental trucks using Bluetooth.

ELD violations won’t ding carriers’ CSA scores until April, FMCSA announces

A driver found after the mandate’s implementation, Dec. 18, but before April 1, with no ELD or compliant AOBRD (automatic onboard recording device) will be cited for having no log, ...

Connected to compliance: fleets outsourcing to raise efficiency, lower audit risks

Increasingly, fleets are outsourcing compliance processes as technology makes it possible for third parties to be a virtual extension of their businesses.

Texas Congressman asks Trump to delay ELD mandate via Executive Order

Babin, who introduced legislation earlier this year to delay the ELD mandate two years, has asked Trump to issue an order delaying the mandate's compliance date to at least April ...

Spireon adds ELD option to FleetLocate platform

Spireon said its current FleetLocate customers will see the new compliance capabilities, powered by Gorilla Safety, integrated with their existing system.

Majority of small fleets yet to comply with ELD mandate

The bulk of survey respondents operate between 6 and 25 trucks -- 1,570 of the 1,982 surveyed. Their adoption rates hovered around 40 percent.

Compliance outside the cab: Mobile ELD options add convenience for drivers

When management of Tradewinds Logistics evaluated electronic logging devices, they decided on a platform that drivers could not remove from trucks easily. “This was just to minimize loss and theft,” says ...

More associations, fleets seeking relief from ELD mandate

Exemption requests from the electronic logging device mandate have been filed by the Motion Picture Association of America, the Western Equipment Dealers Association, the National Pork Producers Coalition and intermodal ...

Pedigree Technologies introduces Cab-Mate One ELD hardware

Pedigree Technologies has announced Cab-Mate One, a low-cost, integrated hardware solution to support the company’s ELD Chrome solution built on the OneView platform. Cab-Mate One includes an ELD power cradle, ...

FMCSA to allow drivers using phone-based ELDs to change duty status away from vehicle

FMCSA will, at least for five years, allow drivers using mobile device-based ELDs (those run on a phone or tablet) to change duty status outside of and away from their ...

Trucking in aerospace: fleets look beyond compliance to increase safety

The trucking industry has made big strides in safety but the trends are now moving in the wrong direction. At least one company, Fleetworthy, has a strategy to reverse that ...

ELD exemption granted for short-term truck rentals

FMCSA says the having the exemption apply to rentals of eight days or fewer “would give most carriers sufficient time to repair or replace their usual vehicles.”

Fleetmatics registers Android version of Reveal ELD with FMCSA

The Fleetmatics Reveal LogBook Electronic Logging Device (ELD) for Android has been registered with the FMCSA.

Mobile ELDs: the benefits and risks of roaming devices

Are the added benefits and conveniences of mobility worth the tradeoffs for ELD compliance?