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Blockchain: the next digital frontier of freight transportation

Blockchain technology could help trucking and many other industries speed transactions, secure data transfers, and eliminate intermediaries.

CCJ Symposium panel sees threats, opportunities from disruptive tech

A panel of experts said that transportation and logistics providers need to bridge the technology gap with high-tech Silicon Valley firms

Navistar’s Clarke: Electrification, changing demographics represent paradigm shifts for trucking

Clarke challenged audience members to develop a vision for what the trucking industry will look like in 2030 and to be receptive to changes in freight distribution patterns and engine ...

Nikola One shows the future of the connected truck

Nikola Motor Company has pulled the curtain off some information systems that will be included in its revolutionary truck.

How a coin toss led to e-commerce: Estes exec talks evolution at ALK Summit

In a keynote address at the ALK Technology Summit, an executive of Estes Express Lines shared the technology the company uses to overcome common challenges in the LTL industry.

Future fleet: A not-too-distant account of an automated fleet, driver-tech hybrids and globalized trucking

Based on the convergence of technology in automation, connectivity and super infrastructure, the following story is the account of a fictional fleet terminal set in the coming decades.

Future of freight infrastructure: Smart highways, super bridges, ‘Uber’-ized trucking and the potential end of congestion

Continuing CCJ's Trucking's Future Now series: What does infrastructure of tomorrow look like? Will super bridges connect continents? What does 'smart' infrastructure mean for congestion? Here's what highways of tomorrow ...
Trucking's Future Now - Driver in Autonomous Truck