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Say it ain’t so, Joe: VP bemoans infrastructure woes, pitches fix; Senate next to act

With only days left before the Highway Trust Fund runs dry, and as Congress rushes to find a solution before the August break, the White House continues to pitch infrastructure ...

Dear Congress: ‘This is no way to run a railroad,’ a dozen USDOT secs say

Current Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and 11 former DOT chiefs on Monday sent a letter to Congress saying the lawmakers’ work doesn’t end with the patch to the shortfall in ...

DOT advised to tackle problems with technology in strategic freight, traffic mitigation plan

A Department of Transportation committee has advised using technology to address certain trucking issues among its 81 recommendations for developing a National Freight Strategic Plan.

Friday Funnies: Jon Stewart explains the Highway Trust Fund

Jon Stewart explains why President Obama’s visit this week to a transportation research center makes perfect sense, given the way Washington is trying fund the nation’s highways.

House passes short-term highway funding fix; Obama, conservatives critical

The House on Tuesday approved a plan to patch a hole in the Highway Trust Fund, a bipartisan vote that bodes well for the coming vote on the Senate side ...

House, Senate propose patches for Highway Trust Fund as deadline looms

Congress got serious Thursday about patching the hole in the Highway Trust Fund, but substantial differences between the versions drafted by the House and Senate tax-writing committees suggest a standoff ...

A little pork can go a long way: the case FOR earmarks in transportation funding

There’s nothing sizzling in the frying pan to remind Congress it’s time for breakfast and to go to work, so what's wrong with a little pork on the plate if ...

A modest proposal to fix the Highway Trust Fund: Bring back bacon grease

It’s easy just to say that Congress is broken – but that doesn’t solve anything. So CCJ Senior Editor has a modest proposal: Let’s bring back earmarks.

Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls get 5 percent bump for 2015

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has voted to approve a five percent toll increase for both E-ZPass and cash customers in 2015.

Senators propose fuel tax hike, prepare for political fight

A Southern Republican and a New England Democrat say they’re tired of short-term patches for the federal transportation system and the unwillingness of Congress to find a solution for the ...

Florida transpo bill would expand tolling, allow weight exemption for anti-idle tech

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is expected to sign legislation that would allow tolling for highway expansion and a 550-pound exemption for trucks with idle reduction technology.

DeFazio offers alternative as highway trust fund runs on fumes

But even as some legislators used the event to challenge peers in the House and Senate, others in key leadership positions have suggested that there's neither enough time nor the ...