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Senate OKs highway funding extension, gives lawmakers two more weeks for long-term bill

While the Senate and House finalize a long-term highway bill, lawmakers opted to give themselves two more weeks to hammer out the bill, passing a short-term funding bill that prevents ...

The 10 most congested intersections for truck freight

ATRI's annual report analyzes the amount of truck-oriented congestion at 250 locations across national highways. Here are the top 10 most congested intersections for truck freight.

Senate again blocks provision to allow 33-foot twin trailers

The Senate added an amendment Wednesday morning to its 2016 DOT appropriations bill that keeps in place the 28-foot maximum length of double trailers.

New ATA Chairman: passing highway bill is top priority

Patrick Thomas, chairman of the American Trucking Associations, is focused on moving a highway bill “across the goal line” by Dec. 4.

Anti-tolling group tells highway bill conferees to choose House tolling measure, not Senate’s

An anti-tolling group that includes major trucking industry lobbyists this week sent letters to the 40 lawmakers tasked with producing the final version of a long-term highway bill to urge ...

Congress set to extend highway funding through Dec. 4 as work continues on long-term bill

The U.S. House passed by a voice vote late Monday a short-term highway funding bill that extends federal highway funding to Dec. 4, giving lawmakers roughly two more weeks to ...

Rhode Island Trucking Association offers alternative to trucks-only toll plan

The Rhode Island Trucking Association has outlined an alternative to the governor’s proposal, which called for fixing bridges by instituting truck-only tolls to back $600 million in revenue bonds.

President signs 20-day highway funding patch into law

President Barack Obama signed Thursday a bill to extend highway funding for 22 days through Nov. 20.

Congress clears short-term highway bill, extends funding through Nov. 20

The Senate by voice vote Oct. 29 passed a bill that extends highway funding for just 22 days, until Nov. 20, moving the legislation from Congress to the White House ...

Houses passes 22-day highway funding extension, sends bill to Senate

The U.S. House passed Tuesday afternoon a short-term highway funding bill that will extend highway appropriations for 22 days, through Nov. 20. The current funding law expires Oct. 29, and ...