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predictive analytics

D.M. Bowman fleet completes rollout of SmartDrive safety program

Van, bulk and flatbed transportation provider D.M. Bowman deployed the dual-camera SmartDrive system to gain full visibility of risk.

Modifying behaviors

As part of implementing SmartDrive, Oakley Transport has created new driver coaching positions in its safety department.

Paying for safety

As part of the SmartDrive program, Oakley Transport uses numerical values to assess risk. The values, SmartDrive Safety Scores, represent the observed rate of risk for every driver based on ...

Technology convergence

Many fleets are presently cobbling together safety and performance data from multiple hardware and software platforms. This activity can lead to having data that is incomplete, inconsistent and formatted in ...

Expanding safety intelligence

SmartDrive’s SR3 and SR4 platforms are integration hubs that connect to multiple cameras, electronic control units (ECUs), sensors, and various OEM and third-party advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in vehicles.

Digging in to driver performance

Fleets are harnessing new technology to identify and coach risky driving behaviors.

Going mobile

A number of mobile apps now come with scorecard features that give drivers an easy way to review their performance on a daily or even real-time basis.

Here’s watching you

Video safety systems are increasingly able to detect a wide range of risky driving behaviors by using machine vision, or algorithms, to detect complex patterns of behavior.

Prescriptive analytics

One of the hallmarks of a successful driver management program is that everyone knows the score and what to do to improve it.

Bringing it all together

Fleet safety systems can bring data together from many sources to identify drivers who are likely to have an accident.

Self-coaching drivers

Cypress Truck Lines rolled out a quarterly cash incentive program for drivers with a scorecard that includes the SmartDrive Safety Score.

Driver scoring: advanced tech helps Cypress Truck Lines keep it simple

Cypress Truck Lines uses advanced technology to manage driver performance, but keeps the process simple to qualify drivers to earn a quarterly bonus.

App developers sharpen focus on driver performance

Mobile apps have become a common strategy to give drivers instant access to performance data they can easily understand and apply.