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predictive analytics

Sunstate Carriers chooses SmartDrive video-based safety program

Sunstate skipped a lengthy pilot program and installed SmartDrive across its entire fleet to begin immediately protecting its drivers.

Vnomics recognizes Jet Express driver for True Fuel performance

Jet Express driver Tammy Newcomer was awarded $350 for driving 2,500 miles with an efficiency of over 99.92% of potential MPG.

Pottle’s Transportation deploys SmartDrive video program

Pottle’s Transportation has deployed the SmartDrive video-based safety program throughout its fleet.

CCJ Innovator: Heniff Transportation uses BI to engage drivers, customers

The liquid bulk chemical hauler develops a custom driver scorecard and incentive plan that leads to more platforms.

Predictive analytics, part 3: the warning signs for driver turnover

Predictive analytics are helping fleets pinpoint drivers who are most likely to quit to stage an early intervention.

Predictive analytics, part 2: an escape route from accidents

To get picture-perfect visibility of behaviors and metrics that accurately predict accidents, a growing number of fleets are using video-based driver risk management systems.

Predictive analytics, part 1: the future of fleet maintenance

OEMs and fleets are building on remote diagnostics services to predict future maintenance needs of assets and take cost-saving preventive measures.