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First of three May sleep apnea listening sessions to be held this week

The listening sessions are part of FMCSA's information gathering on sleep apnea's presence in truck drivers.

In light of delays by DOT, Senate bill calls for quick action on speed limiters

For nearly two years, the DOT has issued a report each month indicating the rule is weeks away from publication. Despite those reports, the rule's been snared by the regulatory ...

DOT holding public meetings on potential sleep apnea rule for trucking industry

The FMCSA is looking to gather more information on the prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea among truck drivers and its potential consequences on the industry.

DOT again concludes too little data exists to make determination on truck size/weight changes

“At the conclusion of the Technical Reports, the department believed that the current model and data limitations were so profound that the results could not accurately be extrapolated to confidently ...

Missouri asks FMCSA for another training exemption for military veteran drivers

The state is now requesting an exemption from the commercial learner’s permit knowledge test requirement for qualified veterans who participated in dedicated training in approved military programs.

Minor changes to DOT physical form take effect April 20

Revised versions of the Medical Examination Report Form and the Medical Examiner’s Certificate Form are required for use beginning April 20.

Missouri requests exemption to allow military vets more time to waive CDL skills test

The Missouri DOR says the 90-day timeframe is too short for many qualified veterans to utilize when reentering civilian life.

IRS proposes changes to definition of vehicles that fall under excise tax

The federal tax agency says the reason for the proposed regulations is because many existing regulations “do not reflect current law,” and the changes will reflect changes to IRS code ...

FDA finalizes new requirements for food haulers, excludes some small carrier operations

The federal government’s Food and Drug Administration released April 5 a Final Rule that sets new standards for food haulers and others in the supply chain, like shippers, who deal ...

FMCSA grants Oregon DOT exemption from commercial learner’s permits regs

The FMCSA has granted an exemption to the Oregon DOT to allow commercial learner's permits to be valid for a year, up from the previous regulation of six months.

Beyond IFTA: states moving to GPS-based weight and distance tax

Oregon and California have taken actions to tax motorists based on the type of vehicle, weight and distance they travel on state roads using a telematics system from ERoad.

Oregon loggers’ exemption from 30-minute break extended to 2020, per FAST Act

Drivers using the exemption are limited to 12 hours on-duty time following 10 hours off duty.

FMCSA shuts down small fleet following bevy of violations

The Gillette, Wyo.-based seven-truck carrier and company owner and operator Gregory Davis, was shut down by FMCSA for multiple safety regulation violations.

Study: Truck drivers with untreated sleep apnea pose much greater crash risk

Among those diagnosed with the ailment, 682 truckers fully met requirements and used company-provided CPAP machines. Of the remaining truckers with the condition, 571 drivers partially adhered to treatment, while ...