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Some petroleum haulers get temporary hours of service exemption in Montana

Citing "extremely harsh winter conditions," the declaration allows drivers hauling propane, heating oil and diesel fuel in Montana to waive hours-of-service regulations.

New Prime becomes latest fleet to request exemption for pre-CDL holders

Under terms of the exemption request, a CDL holder would always be in the truck with the learner’s permit holder, just not in the front seat at all times as ...

New food standards rule compliance resource available for food-hauling carriers

The UFSTP, managed by carrier compliance firm TransComply, will allow carriers to subscribe online for $100 a year after meeting the protocol's minimum standards. Carriers will then be listed on ...

Carrier consensus on speed limiter mandate: 65 mph and retroactive; truckers remain ‘vehemently’ opposed

60 mph? 65? Though the majority of commenters who filed formal feedback with the U.S. DOT on its proposal to mandate speed governors in the trucking industry adamantly oppose such ...

DOT calls for rail companies to screen operators for sleep apnea; FMCSA wants rule, not rec’s

FMCSA spokesperson Duane DeBruyne said Monday the agency’s position on sleep apnea remains unchanged from 2013, which was that the agency “will issue a notice to address obstructive sleep apnea ...

FMCSA plans to allow V.A. docs to issue medical certs to military vet truckers

Truckers who served in the U.S. military would be allowed to use approved doctors from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to obtain their medical certification.

One week remains to comment on DOT’s proposed speed limiter mandate

Carriers have until Dec. 7 to file comments on the DOT's proposed speed limiter mandate. Here's the link to do so.

DOT: Rules to establish drug/alcohol database, new driver training standards could be published this week

Rules to establish a drug and alcohol database for truckers and minimum driver training standards are set to be published this week, according to the DOT's latest regulatory update.

Speed limiter rule proposal comments due in two weeks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and its sister agency, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, did not propose a specific speed in the proposal and instead seek feedback from ...

FMCSA extends hours exemption for hazmat haulers required to ‘attend’ cargo

The FAST Act, passed in December 2015, requires FMCSA to extend any hours-of-service exemption to five years from the date the exemption took effect.

Rule requiring minimum driver training standards expected to be made law by year’s end

The exact language of the final rule will not be released until it is published, but the proposed rule published earlier this year outlined a core curriculum for new truckers ...

Congress expected to act on hours of service confusion, ATA rep says in regulatory update

Congress will likely act to clear up the hours-of-service confusion lawmakers created last December, said a spokesperson for the American Trucking Associations during the CCJ Fall Symposium Thursday. He also ...

OOIDA files challenge to 2015 FMCSA med exam rule over sleep apnea provision

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has filed a challenge with a federal appeals court against a 2015 U.S. DOT rule that altered the driver medical examination process. OOIDA claims the ...