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Remote diagnostics: fringe benefit or killer app?

Have the alignments between telematics companies and OEMs caused fleets to re-evaluate their use of mobile technologies? Is remote diagnostics the killer app you've been waiting for?

Guessing game: Where will Cat find its 15-liter engine solution?

The big news story this week was, of course, Cat and Navistar breaking up. At first brush, given Navistar’s fresh troubles with a brand-new EPA lawsuit, you’d be forgiven for ...

Daimler, Zonar enhanced partnership takes service and support to the next level

No matter what the OEM makeup of your fleet looks like, a truck isn’t worth a hill of beans if you can’t rely on quality service and support to diagnose ...

Turning on compliance: ‘paperless’ third-party services growing

Managing logbook data and driver hiring are two areas where outsourcing has gained traction by way of new technology and services.

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The trucking technology tit-for-tat: Will trucking get anything in return for ever-increasing regs?

In return for working to meet all these new standards and rules set forth both in recent years and upcoming, the trucking industry has asked for virtually nothing in return ...

4 ways to make driver training count

Whether fleets decide to use old-school or high-tech training methods, experts say it is critical to document every facet of the training process.

‘Portabella’ mushrooms being served in trucking. Who will byte?

The Portabella is a special kind of mushroom network that pools multiple wireless data plans in a single mobile device to deliver reliable, high-speed 3G and 4G cellular coverage.

Samsung gives trucking another glimpse of its future

Right now, autonomous vehicle technology is essentially cruise control on steroids. That’s because the scope of a current truck’s operating environment is limited by the amount of information it receives ...

Cargo theft warning issued for July 4 week, thieves expected to be active

Cargo Net has issued a warning to carriers and drivers for the upcoming week about the potential for increased activity by cargo thieves, with the July 1-7 week accounting for ...

$228 million FedEx settlement applies only to case in question, other similar cases still pending

The case, which centers on classification of truck operators as independent contractors, is focused just on California law. Cases brought elsewhere will be decided relative to other states' laws, FedEx ...

No news is good news — The latest on DOT funding bills, trucking regulations within

The latest on trucking regulatory provisions that may or may not make it into bills funding the DOT for the 2016 fiscal year.

Charts: Carriers see earnings growth in first part of 2015 — will trend continue?

The news was mostly positive for carriers in 2015's first quarter, especially revenue trends for the truckload carriers that report earnings to shareholders quarterly. The question begs, however, will the ...

Test drive: Kenworth gives its old school W900 the spotlight with the Icon edition

Kenworth has been building W900 tractors since 1961. Commercial truck designs generally enjoy long production runs. But any design that can last for close to 55 years clearly has a ...
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