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Driver training: a new era begins with video, custom content

Technology offers new options to train drivers more quickly with limited experience to operate safely behind the wheel.

The target on your back

The commercials are ridiculous. At home I instinctively grab the remote and change the channel until they’re over. But at the gym in the evenings, that’s not an option. So I ...

Feeling fuelish: Don’t abandon fuel economy efforts just because diesel’s down

Despite the recent diesel price drop, fleets should not give up the chase for increased fuel economy in their operations — those who do will be in much better shape ...

Keep the wheels rolling with online driver training

Computerized training shortens the hiring process and helps fleets extend more training to drivers by bypassing the limits of time and geography.

Doing my part: One driver’s transition out of a taxi and into trucking

My cab driver last week just completed CDL school and was showing off his newly minted diploma. So I tossed him my show badge and told him to have at ...

Super-sized routing: why technology works best as a combo package

To make the most of routing software takes a combination of technologies working in unison on the front and back end.

Robots, driverless trucks and your trucking job

Autonomous vehicles will revolutionize the industry in the coming decades. What will a "truck driver" job look like then?

Why the T in TSA doesn’t stand for trucking

Innovation leads to regulation. Nowhere is that more true than trucking. Seemingly every good idea to make trucking a more efficient business is met with a higher regulatory standard that makes the ...

The Internet of Things, explained

When we think of the Internet of Things in trucking today, we tend to focus on the rapidly evolving world of vehicle telematics and prognostication. But, in all likelihood, the ...

Entitlement, apathy compounding driver shortage

Is the trucking industry competing against the welfare state for drivers? One analyst thinks so.

Could Apple’s new ‘Research Kit’ be the answer to improving driver health?

Apple's Research Kit could enable fleets to develop apps to track driver health — things like sleep time, steps taken, heart rate and more — in real-time.

Who will become the ‘Uber’ of freight transportation?

Freight transportation is more complex than moving people across town, but the Uber model is intriguing for the trucking industry.

Give the blue-collar kids a chance, too

“I saw on the news the other day where the president wants to give free community college to students now. Well, why not free technical and vocational school tuition as ...

Is the EPA unfairly targeting Volvo?

The other day a glowing report noted a recent environmental study, which concluded that “modern” diesel exhaust smoke (i.e. smoke from post-2010 diesel engines) is essentially harmless to humans. That’s certainly ...