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U.S. will keep trucking, even without Paris Climate Accord

You can't swing a dead cat on the highway without violating some kind of EPA legislation.

Reading the tea leaves of freight rates: when will ELDs have an impact?

Signs are starting to appear that rate volatility could begin ahead of the Dec., 2017, ELD mandate.

Elon Musk: Galactic pioneer or asphalt cowboy?

The level of battery-exclusive power needed for a viable electric Class 8 is both unprecedented and mind-boggling considering one gallon of diesel represents about 38 kWh.

We’ve seen the future of trucking … kind of

Other than dropping a few keywords like "heavy-duty" and "long range," and noting the truck would be one drivers would want to drive, Elon Musk was detail-light on the semi.

Wherever drivers roam: fleets use new mobile strategies to expand driver connectivity

Fleets have new options to deploy mobile apps that simplify driver workflow, increase efficiencies and remove common frustration points in the workday.

Could the ELD solve the attraction to smartphone distraction?

Drivers distracted by a mobile device are 88 percent more likely to be involved in a near collision than all other drivers.

Good riddance SFD rule: FMCSA withdrawal underscores CSA’s lingering problems

"What made FMCSA think it was ready to move ahead with the SFD proposal in the first place? Pulling the proposal off the table shows how little assurance it had ...

Opposition to Gorsuch cites decision to side with carrier in driver-brought lawsuit

As of April 3, it appears Democrats rallied enough votes in the Senate to successfully filibuster Trump's nominee for a spot on the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, and a lawsuit ...

When the robots come for our jobs

My prediction on full autonomy (Level 5) doesn't have the phrase rapid transition anywhere close to it.

Bison’s Pitzel: Safety is more than compliance

How does your company approach driver safety? If you’re simply using a drivers’ Compliance Safety Accountability performance data and training them to be compliant, that’s not enough. This was the message ...

One simple step to boosting fuel economy 14 percent

If the goal is to get more fuel efficient trucks on the road, heaping taxes on them that are greater than the savings they may generate during their lifecycle isn't ...

Fleets using event recorders to train new leaders as ‘driver coaches’

During the Lytx user conference, fleets learned of new reporting and analytical tools that help to refine the process for coaching drivers.

Q&A: Martin Daum reflects on time as DTNA chief

Since 2009, Martin Daum, former president and CEO of Daimler Trucks North America and newly appointed Member of the Board of Management with responsibility for the Daimler Trucks and Daimler ...
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