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NASA’s million-dollar pens, Dilbert and trucking

If you’ve ever been to a management conference, or read a leadership book, or wondered what went wrong (if you’re a pessimist) or right (for the other guy, if you’re ...

C. Columbus: innovator, original American owner-op

When it comes to innovators in transportation, Christopher Columbus has to be high on the list. I’d go so far as to say he’s the original American owner-op

Moving up: 5 ways to solve big problems with routing software

The technology can do more than improve efficiency; it can solve big problems for customers to grow your business.

Background reports on Navy Yard shooter, NSA leaker, truckers from same company

The government contractor that performed the background check on Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis in 2007 and that also vetted NSA leaker Edward Snowden is part of the same company ...

Truck drivers near top of ‘Hardest-to-Fill’ jobs for employers

It's not just your fleet that's having trouble hiring drivers, says a recent report from CareerBuilder, who ranked truck driver as the third "Hardest-to-Fill Position" in the country.

Driver turnover increases in first quarter of 2013

Driver turnover is pushing the 100 percent ceiling once again, according to the American Trucking Associations, as large truckload fleets in the first quarter of 2013 experienced a driver turnover ...

Driver shortage garnering national attention

CNN Money is the latest national news outlet to cover the looming driver shortage and the impact of changing hours-of-service rules.

Carriers favoring sign-on bonuses, performance-based driver pay

Nearly half of carriers are offering sign-on bonuses, compared to only 12 percent two years ago, consultant Gordon Klemp told trucking fleet executives today during the 2013 CCJ Spring Symposium ...

TMW survey: fleets rank diversification, driver retention as top priorities

Truckload carriers rate service diversification and driver retention as their top priorities to stay profitable, according to TMW Systems’ first annual Transportation & Logistics Study – North America For-Hire Truckload ...