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Predicting driver turnover: the model sends a message

Drivers may not be aware of the kinds of data that can be used to predict turnover. Some predictive models give drivers a chance to provide direct input and be ...

The trucking revolution will be live-streamed

If you have a truck built around 2010 or later, it’s already online.
Trucking's Future Now - Driver in Autonomous Truck

2017 likely to be the year of autonomous regulation

While much of the nation’s 2017 political attentions will be turned toward Donald Trump’s White House, I think state legislators will begin to embrace the possibilities of autonomous transportation and ...

Waitin’ for a Superman

For Volkswagen, effectively lying to the EPA came with a 75 percent premium versus Takata's exploding airbag that could send shrapnel flying inside affected vehicles – a recall that is ...

How much do you really know about your drivers’ daily challenges?

Unless you started your career as a driver or owner-operator, chances are good your eyes are closed to the daily strains on your workforce. Hearing drivers complain about their challenges ...

Uncertainty, predictions for 2017 center on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

The University of Alabama's hit-to-miss ratio on its Educated Guesses is about as consistent as a March Madness bracket.

Unlocking MPG: new tech helps fleets, drivers reach max fuel potential

Vnomics says fleets see their mpg improve by an average of nine percent in the first 12 months of deploying True Fuel and save $160 per truck per month in ...

If hydrogen is to replace diesel, there’s plenty of work to do

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are currently 31 public hydrogen stations in the U.S., with 28 of them located in the State of California.

Research leads Pitt Ohio to create emergency savings plan for drivers, employees

After discovering a link between drivers' personal finances and safety, Pitt Ohio started a program to provide an emergency savings fund for employees.

The quest for a CDL Part VII: Well …

The test that was supposed to take two hours took about four.

The quest for a CDL Part VI: It’s go time

I plan to spend most of my last two days of training in reverse.

Cyberattacks: the biggest threat to automated trucking

Increasingly, the transportation industry is using IoT technology to expand connectivity across entire supply chains.

Platooning from the passenger’s seat

It's interesting to watch this technology in action, even though it can be somewhat un-nerving to ride in a truck that is being led around by someone who 50-plus feet ...

It begins: shippers adding new FDA safety rules to carrier contracts

Shippers are starting to revise motor carrier contracts to meet the April, 2017, deadline for compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act.
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