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Phase 2 puts trucking in familiar yet unchartered water

It would take more than 60 of today's generation clean diesel trucks to equal the emissions from a single truck built before 1990. That and more on the costs of ...

Carbon Express owner says e-logs the ‘best thing to happen in trucking’

Steve Rush, president of Carbon Express, credits the use of e-logs for profitable growth and safety, as the technology has helped--or rather forced--management to find ways to improve the business.

The quest for a CDL Part V: You gotta be trippin’

It's amazing a lot of you can knock this out in 15 minutes.

Charts: Largest carriers saw declines in revenue, income in 2016’s second quarter

In line with the myriad of economic indicators and reports in recent months showing a decline in demand for trucking services and associated declines in trucking rates, the country’s largest ...

Trucking’s role in terror may be in next president’s crosshairs

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have long feared commercial trucks would play a role in domestic terror attacks beyond the use of HazMat.

The quest for a CDL Part IV: I’m legal … kind of

After countless hours and online practice test taking, late last week I was finally ready to attempt the written test for a CDL permit.

The quest for a CDL Part III: I’m healthy, I swear

I'm pretty much in the homestretch of studying for the permit portion of my CDL test.

Navistar takes command of big data for truck design, breakdown prevention

An analytics team at Navistar supports internal and external customers with advanced statistics and machine learning techniques.

Panama’s Big Bet, Part 2: Can Panama’s economic growth continue?

If Panama is to continue its own golden age, the pressure on the ACP and the Panama Canal to capture an increasing share of a shrinking market and deliver on ...

The quest for a CDL Part II: The most disappointing ‘B’ you’ll ever receive

These online tests could totally be a truck driver's version of the The Last Starfighter, right?