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Next round of EPA compliance will be an exercise in creativity

The demands on engineers and designers in trucking have been rigorous for more than a decade, and creativity is now becoming as critical as a calculator.

Taking care of defects: making use of electronic DVIRs

Based on the number of CSA maintenance violations, the DVIR process has room for improvement. Over the past 24 months, 51 percent of CSA violations are maintenance related.

When it comes to oil, knowing is half the battle

The forced marriage of letters and numbers has long been the downfall of high school students nationwide.

Undoing potential 34-hour restart death knell could be delayed for months, group says

The legal hang-up regarding truckers’ hours of service rules could kill the 34-hour restart entirely, but the Trucking Alliance's Lane Kidd says there’s pressure on U.S. lawmakers to forgo a ...

Bernie Sanders says he’d work to ‘take trucks off the road’ with modern rail system if elected president

It’s unclear whether he meant all trucks or just some trucks, but speaking this weekend, presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders, running as a Democrat, told a crowd of supporters the ...

The dust-up over FMCSA’s ‘lives saved’ data: Accurate, ‘alarming’ or roughly approximate?

Do FMCSA's recently released numbers on "lives saved" via truck inspection efforts reveal a concerning trend about declining enforcement emphasis, or are they simply estimates based on incomplete data? Or ...

Navistar CEO open to more partnerships as truck market falters

With or without Volkswagen, Iveco or whoever else, 2016 will be an important time for Navistar.

Attracting technician talent takes creativity

Say what you want about this participation ribbon generation, but they are technologically savvy.

Individual image efforts can benefit the entire industry

As a fleet owner or fleet manager, how you conduct your operations reflects not just on your own company but also on the trucking industry as a whole. Whether that ...

The evolution of the middleman in trucking

A number of well-funded freight brokers and 3pls are trying to crack the code on automating freight transactions.

Fleet truck order intentions better than industry expectations

More than 50 percent of respondents to a recent CCJ Reader Survey say they plan to grow their business by adding more trucks and/or drivers over the next 10-plus months.

Google’s ‘autonomous delivery platform’ behind the times

I think Google has better up its sleeve and it may be sitting in the patent office right now.

Charts: Major truckload carriers’ 2015 revenue and income

The numbers in these charts show net income, gross revenue and revenue per tractor for 2015 as reported by some of the major publicly traded truckload carriers.

Moving on the Interstate of Things

The Internet of Things in transportation is expanding the possibilities to make drivers and trucks more efficient and safe.