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A 6-step guide to make sense of remote diagnostics data

Ken Calhoun has invented a service to analyze fault code data for fleets to prevent problems before they become critical situations.

Future fleet: A not-too-distant account of an automated fleet, driver-tech hybrids and globalized trucking

Based on the convergence of technology in automation, connectivity and super infrastructure, the following story is the account of a fictional fleet terminal set in the coming decades.

Trucking’s future won’t happen without trained techs

Every futurist I spoke with CCJ's Trucking's Future Now was bullish on the future of trucking: It will be a vital industry for the world of tomorrow. But that future ...

Could autonomous trucks and cars end traffic jams in major U.S. cities?

We're far from having the integrated infrastructure and number of autonomous vehicles we need to kill congestion. But the idea is a sound one and highlights how autonomous vehicles could ...

Ordering the combo package of fleet connectivity

In the past few years, companies have been taking big strides to corner the market of connected fleet technologies.

Peterbilt adds predictive cruise, 11-liter engine to EPIQ fuel efficiency spec

Peterbilt has a new mid-range sleeper spec as well as a new 11-liter diesel engine to go along with it. At a test drive outside of Dallas late last month, ...

Eaton and Cummins expand features, hp options for SmartAdvantage powertrain offering

Eaton and Cummins announced Wednesday, Nov. 4, upgrades to their jointly-developed and marketed SmartAdvantage optimized powertrain at the Eaton Proving Grounds outside of Marshall, MI., as well as upgrades across ...

Electric racing series fine-tunes upcoming transportation tech

Racing electric cars may seem like a lark today. But there will likely be real-world payoffs in trucking tomorrow.

Medium-duty moves: GM, Chevy reenter the truck market with strategic partnerships

Things have turned around to such an extent that General Motors once again has the cash to invest in vocational trucks/ But the company is going to go about things ...

Industry at risk: a wake-up call for driver health and wellness

Buck Shepherd was delivering windmills in Oklahoma right before health problems forced him into early retirement.

Did emissions violations just kill an OEM’s North American dreams?

In the hyper-connected world of automotive and truck manufacturing, a bad decision in one business unit can have devastating consequences in markets and countries far, far away. And that may ...

Opening the floodgates: 5 reasons truck navigation is growing

Five reasons why truck navigation is the most popular addition to core fleet management applications