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Fleets say Comdata’s hotel network removes a ‘frustration point’ for drivers

Motor carriers with company drivers, owner-operators, or a combination of both, are now using a hotel network as part of their Comdata fleet card program to save money and improve ...

Autonomous update: Obama, DOT call for $4B investment to ‘accelerate’ self-driving vehicle development

Two recent news items out of the White House show at least some interest in a unified approach to managing the advent of the autonomous era and a potential starting ...

FMCSA put the cart before the horse with SFD proposal, carriers again at risk of unfair ratings

Now that FMCSA finally published its Carrier Safety Fitness Determination rule proposal last month, the question remains: Is CSA data accurate enough to assign a carrier a safety rating?

What does a Class 8 truck really cost?

If you're on a 15 year cradle-to-grave cycle, or buy the truck late in its life, you may put more money into it than you ever realized.

Trucking outlook through spring 2016 is ‘somewhat not awful’

New trucks are beginning to stack up on dealership lots and capacity is outpacing freight in the pipeline. That doesn't sound like a recipe for a financially fruitful 2016, but ...

Despite ‘just say no’ strategy, voluntary compliance program a win for small biz truckers, group says

Large carriers do stand to benefit from a potential federal program to reward carriers for voluntary safety investments or other “beyond compliance” initiatives, says Joe Rajkovacz of the Western States ...

SmartDrive talks evolution of video, big data analytics with release of SmartIQ Suite

SmartDrive says its new SmartIQ Suite can identify savings opportunities and give fleets prescriptive information to achieve goals in safety, operations and maintenance,

When ground freight is regulated by the FAA

Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted truck OEM Workhorse an exemption that allows the company to continue testing a small drone.

What kind of fleet manager are you?

How you relate to your peers and your drivers says a lot about the type of manager you are. Knowing your management style can help provide better insight and improve ...

Clarification on ELD connectivity requirements: What’s needed to comply with mandate

Following up on prior CCJ reporting -- more on the connectivity options your fleet's ELDs will need to comply with the coming mandate.

Is renewable diesel the first alt fuel ‘no-brainer’?

Diesel fuel is now cheaper per gallon than store-brand milk, but one alternative is holding its own when going head-to-head on price with diesel.

The great divide: Debate highlights fractured thinking between large, small carriers

A point-counterpoint session held at the 2015 CCJ Fall Symposium showed firsthand the passion in the trucking industry, despite varied points of view and differences in opinions among small business ...

FMCSA: Penalties for not complying with ELD mandate still in the works

Former FMCSA Administrator Annette Sandberg speculated in September shutdown orders would be in place for carriers and drivers who don't comply with the agency's ELD mandate. FMCSA, however, says it's ...

A 6-step guide to make sense of remote diagnostics data

Ken Calhoun has invented a service to analyze fault code data for fleets to prevent problems before they become critical situations.

Future fleet: A not-too-distant account of an automated fleet, driver-tech hybrids and globalized trucking

Based on the convergence of technology in automation, connectivity and super infrastructure, the following story is the account of a fictional fleet terminal set in the coming decades.