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Fed reports trucking growing at moderate pace in recent months

Although seasonal slowing in expected during the current quarter, most trucking executives said conditions “feel better than they have in a very long time.” They reported renewed momentum for shipments ...

Indicators: Latest ‘Trucking Conditions’ point to hot spot market, lagging contract market

FTR notes the spot market has seen strong freight volume in recent months, and spot market rates have followed suit, climbing for most of the year. Rates on the contract ...

Trucking revenue could top $1 trillion annually within 5 years, ATA report projects

Revenue associated with truck transport is projected to top $1 trillion by 2024, according to the American Trucking Association's 2017-2028 Freight Transportation Forecast report.

Preventable or not? Driver’s U-turn goes awry

As truck driver John Doe attempted a wide U-turn from the left lane, he struck a car that had pulled up next to him in the right lane. Was this ...

New online tool from FMCSA allows ELD manufacturers to test roadside file transfer

The ELD rule requires manufacturers to be equipped with either local connectivity options (Bluetooth or USB 2.0 port) or cloud transfer methods (wireless web service or email). The ELD validator ...

Indicators: Truck tonnage dipped from May in June, but up year over year

“After such a large spike in May, it was not surprising to see the index give back some of those gains in June,” said ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello. “However, ...

House set to take up bill that exempts carriers from state laws on driver breaks, delays ELD mandate for livestockers

The House’s Appropriations Committee late Monday stamped approval via a 31-20 vote on a bill that would exempt carriers and drivers from state laws requiring paid meal and rest breaks ...

Indicators: Spot market freight soared in June

Load availability climbed 24 percent in June from May, according to the DAT Index, and was up 57 percent from last June.

Preventable or not: Trucker’s wide left doesn’t go right

Trucker John Doe attempted to execute a wide left but still was struck by a bus whose driver didn’t turn sharply enough. Was this a preventable accident?

FMCSA announces six-stop tour to educate carriers, drivers on ELD compliance

The ELD Implementation National Tour will feature “subject matter experts driver-focused presentations and panel discussions on ELD implementation,” the agency said in its announcement. Stops include six upcoming trucking ...
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