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The American Trucking Associations’ advance seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index increased for the sixth time in the last seven months, gaining another 0.9 percent in April.

PeopleNet: The Power of Dashboards and Other Reporting Systems

Knowledge is power. Fleet managers who have access to vehicle and driver performance information when and where they need it have the power to make decisions that squeeze every ounce ...

Test Industry Insight Post

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The fountain of Liberty

In 1921, an enterprising truck dealer named the Richardson Company designed a concession truck to serve “Liberty” root beer. Until this invention, Liberty root beer was available for sale only ...


For-hire truck tonnage increases,year-over-year NAFTA trade increases and more industry financial news are featured.

Carriers, suppliers seek changes in EOBR specs

Leading suppliers of electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) technology and groups representing trucking companies, private fleets, bus operations and law enforcement agencies have asked for two changes in the performance specs ...

The EOBR RULE: Logging a Milestone

Although truck drivers have been subject to federal regulation of their work hours for more than 70 years, it wasn’t until last month that the federal government declared that any ...

Avery Vise: Mandating the inevitable

Electronic logs may be universal before they are required.

Tonnage down 0.5% in February and more

Tonnage down, ATA index up, NAFTA surface trade up and other financial issues are in the news.

Schneider National selects Rair for EOBR reporting

Rair, a provider of risk management services to the transportation industry, has announced that Schneider National has selected Rair to provide the reporting modules for its newly implemented electronic onboard ...

PeopleNet debuts CSA 2010, EOBR offerings

PeopleNet, a provider of Internet-based and integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems, has introduced two new service offerings to help the trucking industry comply with recent Comprehensive Safety Analysis ...

FMCSA to mandate EOBRs based on a single audit

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has decided to mandate electronic onboard recorders on motor carriers that are shown in a single compliance review to be in serious noncompliance with ...


Truck tonnage is up, NAFTA surface trade is up and truckload freight is up.

White House clears EOBR rule

A final rule mandating electronic onboard recorders for carriers that have a history of serious noncompliance with hours-of-service rules could be just days away now that the White House Office ...

NAFTA surface trade down 2.9%

NAFTA surface trade, the key manufacturing index and more financial news are featured.