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Carriers can comment on EPA’s glider kit emissions exemption plan until January 5

The EPA earlier this month announced its plan to reclassify glider kits as non-new vehicles, thereby restricting the EPA’s ability to regulate their exhaust emissions, and to repeal the glider ...

CCJ Tech Toolbox: How technology can help fleets boost fuel economy

In this 11th edition of CCJ’s Tech Toolbox, we look at the role technology has played in boosting fuel economy and, in at least one case, how it can have ...

Test drive: the Nikola Zero UTV that will give rise to the Nikola One tractor

Over the course of the day, we averaged about 740 Watt Hours per mile and used a total 34 kWh – about 33 percent of the battery’s charge.

Sticker price for Tesla Semi reportedly lands under $200k

Though Tesla founder Elon Musk has been quiet on Twitter about that, the company has released a price guide for the Class 8 regional hauler.

Ryder expands natural gas use to support Toyota plant

The trucks are expected to consume approximately 380,000 gasoline gallon equivalents each year.

Trailer orders surge in October

Trailer orders have now totaled 290,000 units over the past 12 months.

Tips for winterizing your truck before cold weather sets in

The shift to cold weather can impact a trucks' fluids, tires, belts and hoses.

Autonomous retrofitter Embark deploys semi-autonomous trucks in on-highway tests

In a partnership with Ryder and Frigidaire, autonomous retrofitter Embark announced it conducted tests of its semi-autonomous system in four states last month. Ryder tractors equipped with Embark's Level 2 ...

Orders trickle in for Tesla Semi

John Roberts, J.B. Hunt president and chief executive officer, says his company has placed a reservation for "multiple" Tesla tractors.

Daimler aims to tackle challenges of Mexican truck market

Two key executives for Daimler Trucks said Wednesday they hope to modernize the U.S. truck fleet by offering products designed to meet the country's unique demands.

Volvo brings new VNL, VNR tractors to Mexican market

Volvo Trucks this week introduced its updated VNL long-haul tractor and its new VNR regional-haul tractor, both of which debuted earlier this year in the U.S., to the Mexican truck ...

Nikola initiates rollout of its hydrogen network

Scott Perry, Nikola’s chief operating officer, says the company has thousands of trucks on reserve that need to be delivered.

Engaging, incentivizing drivers for cutting downtime

Management's role in the process is to spot check inspections and to coordinate maintenance and operation departments.