There is a Smarter Way to Clear Capacity Hurdles

Demand continues to outpace supply in the pandemic-driven freight market. Fleets have tapped out their reservoirs for equipment capacity and are digging deeper to find new ways to improve driver and asset utilization to meet growing customer demand.

Many truck OEMs are backlogged on orders well into 2024 and trailer orders are extended through August and could reach into the fourth quarter, according to ACT Research. Meanwhile, FTR Intel’s active truck utilization index is hovering near 100 percent with seemingly no room to give.

Finding qualified drivers is more difficult than ever despite record pay increases. And the second-highest operating cost, fuel, has now surpassed $5 per gallon for the first time, breaking the last record set in March 2014, according to the Department of Energy.

This guide presents ideas for how fleets can alleviate present capacity and cost pressures by utilizing simple-to-use technology in three areas of opportunity: a) driver retention, b) driver safety, and c) trailer utilization.

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