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CSA under fire: Researchers recommend major reforms to DOT carrier safety program

Video: FMCSA policy director talks ‘regulatory readiness’

FMCSA Associate Administrator Larry Minor discusses how looming regulations my impact truck fleets. See the video here...

North Carolina to deploy PrePass at 10 more locations

North Carolina will be deploying PrePass truck pre-clearance and weigh station bypass at 10 additional locations throughout the state.

Michelin launches premium X Multi D Regional Drive Tire

Michelin Americas Truck Tires launched its X Multi D Regional Drive Tire designed to provide premium mileage, scrub resistance and traction in regional, urban and ...

Prime, Inc., to scientifically match drivers with trainers using new Stay Metrics tool

Prime, Inc., will use the technology to facilitate a scientific process to pair driver trainees with Prime driver trainers.

With latest dip, diesel down 10 cents in June

The average price of a gallon of on-highway diesel is now $2.465, down 2.4 cents from the previous week, according to the Department of Energy’s ...

Rush opens new, larger Denver Truck Center

Rush Truck Center has been in the mile-high market since 1999.

Carrier conglomerate XPO says it’s eying new acquisitions

XPO Logistics, one of the continent’s largest carriers, says it’s eyeing acquisition targets in North America and Europe, according to a Wall Street Journal story ...

Head of CSA reform group says fight continues to change carrier rating system

Transplace CEO Tom Sanderson spelled out an agenda for the future of ASECTT. While recognizing the victory with the passage of the FAST Act in ...

New Prime granted exemption for pre-CDL drivers in team operations

FMCSA says commercial learner’s permit holders who have documentation of passing the CDL skills test can drive for Prime as long as a CDL holder ...

Wabco extends AMT agreement with Daimler Trucks

Wabco has sold 3.5 million AMT systems globally since their introduction in 1986.

California port truckers end strike after 5 days

Southern California port truckers ended their workweek-long strike at Los Angeles City Hall on Friday, armed with signed petitions and recent newspaper editorials of support.

Daimler seeks exemption to mount camera system lower than regs allow

Daimler wants to mount a camera system below the area that current federal regulations allow.

Video: Preventable or not — Exit-only lane gives trucker interchange woes

A four-wheeler traveling in an exit-only attempted to zip in front of trucker John Doe to remain on the highway. Instead, the motorist's car slammed ...

Cummins founds ELD maker ZED Connect, debuts phone-based ELD system

For drivers and owner-operators, ZED says its ELD is a simple compliance option for the federal ELD mandate. For fleets, ZED touts a fleet management ...