CCJ Indicators: Truck tonnage climbs, shippers conditions wane

Reports released in the recent week show positive tonnage growth in May and a predicted tightening of capacity due to tightening regulations.

Another July 4th cargo theft warning issued

Cargo theft firm FreightWatch International this week issued a cargo theft warning to carriers for the upcoming July 4th weekend.

Sources indicate GM, Navistar nearing partnership

Unnamed sources indicate GM is poised to reach an arrangement with Navistar International, who would manufacture Class 3 - 5 trucks for GM.

FMCSA denies several requests for hours exemptions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Tuesday the denial of several hours-of-service exemption applications.

Finland announces pilot project to explore connected vehicles and roadways

HERE, a European leader in mapping, navigation and location services, has been selected by Finnish traffic agencies to lead a pilot project to enable vehicles to communicate safety hazards to others on the road. The pilot, which will start in 2016, intends to assess the capability ...

Certain fireworks haulers get hours-of-service exemption

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced last week it has granted an hours-of-service exemption to fireworks haulers who drive for any of the 51 member companies of the American Pyrotechnics Association, allowing them to drive past the 14th hour of coming on duty.

Diesel continues downward trend, drops 1.6 cents

For the fifth consecutive week, the average price for a gallon of on-highway diesel has dropped, falling 1.6 cents in the week ending June 29, according to the Department of Energy.

Sysco terminates merger agreement with U.S. Foods

Sysco Corporation has announced it has terminated its merger agreement with U.S. Foods after a U.S. District Court temporarily blocked the merger last week.

Stay Metrics adds health and wellness training to driver retention program

Stay Metrics has partnered with experts in adult learning, Mopi16, to develop a series of training modules to provide drivers with a basic education on healthy lifestyle choices that deliver immediate benefits.

Connected World: The Internet of Things now includes the Internet of Trucking Things

An Internet of Transportation Things (IoTT) has emerged from consumer-style platforms like Android along with mobile hotspots and connectivity features built in to the fabric of modern trucks.

Video: CCJ takes the Freightliner SuperTruck for a test drive

In May, CCJ Equipment Editor Jack Roberts had the chance to take Freightliner's $80 million SuperTruck concept vehicle for a test drive outside of Las Vegas, Nev. Here's video coverage of the drive and some of the SuperTruck's unique features.

FMCSA reform sought in Senate bill, would require comprehensive review of trucking regs

Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) last week filed a bill aimed at reforming the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration including making its rule-making process more open to industry stakeholders and Congress and more transparent to the public.

Rhode Island ends legislation session without approving truck toll plan

Rhode Island lawmakers ended their regular session June 25 without approving a plan to fund repair of the state’s deteriorating infrastructure by adding a truck-only user fee on about two dozen bridges.