Remote diagnostics: fringe benefit or killer app?

Have the alignments between telematics companies and OEMs caused fleets to re-evaluate their use of mobile technologies? Is remote diagnostics the killer app you've been waiting for?

Pizza delivery fleet TBHC creates ‘non-punitive’ video-based safety program

TBHC, the country’s largest distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza, used the SmartDrive video-based safety system to establish a driver improvement program that wasn’t punitive.

Senate clears DRIVE Act highway bill with provision to remove CSA scores and short-term patch

The Senate mid-Thursday overwhelmingly passed a six-year highway bill that would remove carrier percentile scores in the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program from public view, among other regulatory reforms.

Telematics partnership brings changes to Detroit Connect

Daimler Trucks North America is realigning it Detroit Connect telematics offerings with Zonar Systems.

Guessing game: Where will Cat find its 15-liter engine solution?

The big news story this week was, of course, Cat and Navistar breaking up. At first brush, given Navistar’s fresh troubles with a brand-new EPA lawsuit, you’d be forgiven for thinking Cat’s move was a sign of more problems for Navistar. But I don’t think that’s ...

CV Outlook to offer glimpse of trucking’s future, famed futurist Michio Kaku to keynote

The annual Commercial Vehicle Outlook at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas will be held Aug. 26-27.

E-log mandate advances, FMCSA sends rule to White House for approval

The rule, which will take effect two years following its publication in the Federal Register, will require all truck drivers who are required to keep records of duty status to use an electronic logging device.

House passes short-term highway funding patch, dashing hopes of long-term bill before recess

The House late Wednesday passed its second short-term highway funding patch of the month, extending current highway funding levels until the end of October and effectively shutting down the Senate’s bid for a mad-dash passage of a long-term bill.

New integrated drivetrains speak a language all their own – and that’s a good thing for fuel-conscious fleets

While some drivers remain resistant to AMTs, every year more are won over by their ease of use and additional safety advantages. Fleet managers have found them to be largely bulletproof in terms of overall durability, performance and decreased maintenance costs in terms of clutch ...

CCJ Market Movers to feature some of trucking’s top leaders

Managing fleets’ three biggest costs – drivers, fuel and equipment – is an ongoing challenge, even for the nation’s most successful carriers.

Industry-promoting trailer wraps available from Trucking Moves America Forward

The helps could help educate the motoring public on the trucking industry and its role in the economy, TMAF says.

CCJ Indicators: Big freight growth predicted for coming decade, rates dip

From trucking indicators in recent days, ATA says freight tonnage could grow 30 percent by 2026, and, much more near-term, freight and rates both dipped on the spot market last week, DAT Solutions reports.

Daimler, Zonar enhanced partnership takes service and support to the next level

No matter what the OEM makeup of your fleet looks like, a truck isn’t worth a hill of beans if you can’t rely on quality service and support to diagnose the problem and repair the tractor quickly. Daimler Trucks North America, which currently touts 40 percent ...