Prestone offers cooling system tweaks for high summer heat

With the primary goal of delivering a contracted load from Point A to Point B, fleet managers know they cannot control the weather in any region or on any route. The best they can do is prepare their vehicles to withstand whatever the road throws ...

Alt fuel innovator seeks fleets/older trucks to beta test emulsified diesel system

A Michigan-based alternative fuel developer is seeking fleets with older-generation tractors to beta test a new emulsified fuel system. Fierce Fuel Systems says that its new X2O  diesel fuel system will allow fleets with older trucks to remain competitive and advance toward stringent U.S. emissions mandates solution ...

Carriers want relief from fees caused by West Coast port gridlock

Seventy to 100 trucking companies are pursing arbitration over late fees incurred in West Coast ports during the recent labor dispute that resulted in gridlock.

McLeod Software ships latest version of fleet management products

McLeod Software has released the latest version of its LoadMaster, PowerBroker, and LoadMaster LTL products. The new 15.1 release adds wide variety of new capabilities and functions.

ATRI looking for carrier input for annual trucking costs report

The American Transportation Research Institute launched an online survey Thursday as part of its annual data collection to produce its 2014 Operational Costs of Trucking report.

Map: choices, coverage for weigh station bypass expanding

With new options for weigh station bypass, fleets are able to better use their safety record to their advantage.

Shippers press rail group to disclose truck size/weight lobbying activities

The Coalition for Transportation Productivity is calling for transparency from the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks in regards to its tactics to fight increases to truck size and weight limits.

Speed limiter mandate, Safety Fitness Determination rule delayed, e-log mandate still slated for September

Two major federal regulatory changes looming for the trucking industry have been delayed again, according to the latest rulemakings report from the Department of Transportation. A final rule to mandate electronic logging devices, however, is still forecasted to be published in September, the report says.

House introduces highway bill that would increase fuel taxes, boost longer-term highway funding

The U.S. House this week introduced a bill that would tie the current flat rate fuel tax to inflation as a long-term highway funding measure and appropriate an immediate $12 billion to the Highway Trust Fund to ensure short-term solvency.

Maritime Commission looking at unreasonable port fees for carriers, approves West Coast agreement

The Federal Maritime Commission has released a report on detention and demurrage fees and is seeking documentation on such fees from its carriers and shippers nationwide. The FMC has also approved the Pacific Ports Agreement to allow efforts to reduce West Coast port congestion to ...

DOD wants extension of HOS exemption for carriers moving weapons, other sensitive cargo

The U.S. Department of Defense Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command has requested a renewal of its exemption from certain parts of federal hours-of-service rules.

Trucking Moves America Forward: Long-term highway funding critical for trucking industry, U.S. freight movement

The trucking image campaign group Trucking Moves America Forward this week launched an advertising and lobbying campaign aimed at pressing Congress to pass a long-term highway funding bill, calling it a critical move needed to modernize U.S. infrastructure and ensure safe movement of the country’s ...

Telematics index: fleet performance is a leading economic indicator, study shows

A study by Fleetmatics shows that real-time performance data on fleets can be used on a collective basis to predict economic health