Wal-Mart settles with family of comedian killed in Tracy Morgan crash

The family of late comedian James McNair has reached an undisclosed wrongful death settlement with Wal-Mart and its private fleet, stemming from the high-profile June 2014 crash that killed McNair and left several others critically injured, including actor Tracy Morgan.

DOT gets guilty pleas in pay-for-answers CDL scheme in New York

The Department of Transportation announced recently that three people in New York have pleaded guilty to charges in a scheme in which test takers were provided answers to CDL examinations via Bluetooth devices embedded in pencils and covert camera equipment.

ICYMI Index: 3 numbers you should know from this week’s trucking news

Sleep apnea, crash weighting in CSA and another big drop for diesel prices — Here's this week's ICYMI Index.

Ex-CEO of trucking company pleads guilty in $26M scheme

The former CEO of USA Dry Van Logistics has pleaded guilty in Houston’s federal district court to six counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Teamsters lose two votes at FedEx Freight, withdraw another

The Teamsters union suffered another setback last week in its campaign to organize FedEx Freight workers, losing an election at the carrier’s Charleston, West Virginia, terminal. It also withdrew a petition for an election at another.

Decision 2015: buyers guide for expected e-log mandate

A buyers guide for electronic logging devices (ELDs). What should you be looking for to stay ahead of the expected 2015 mandate?

Report: Senators close on revealing bi-partisan highway bill

Senators Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) may soon unveil a highway funding bill that would direct money to the struggling Highway Trust Fund from taxes on companies’ overseas earnings, according to a report.

Clarification from FMCSA says driver sleep apnea screening decision up to discretion of med examiners

Following a December-made promise for more clarification of current sleep apnea guidelines for medical examiners, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration posted earlier this month a bulletin telling examiners that if they suspect a driver may have sleep apnea, then he or she should be ...

Crash accountability in CSA would not improve prediction of future crash risk, FMCSA concludes

Incorporating crash accountability into the CSA carrier ranking program would not improve the DOT’s ability to target carriers most at risk for crashes, nor would it be easy to implement or cost-effective, FMCSA concluded in a study released Jan. 21.

Obama mostly mum on transportation issues, highway funding in SOTU

President Barack Obama in his sixth State of the Union address made little mention of issues related directly to trucking or transportation, which has in years past come in the form of the president pushing Congress to do more to fund highways and other transportation ...

Lawmaker says Congress may take action on FMCSA’s opening of Mexican border

Lawmakers will be taking a look at cross-border trucking with the upcoming renewal of federal highway funding, says Oregon Rep. Pete DeFazio.

Lytx has banner year: 57,000 new DriveCam subscriptions in 2014

Lytx announced record growth in 2014 with 57,000 new subscriptions-in-service (SIS) to its video-based driver safety program called DriveCam.

Diesel drops below $3 for first time since 2010

The national average price for a gallon of on-highway diesel fell below the $3 mark for the first time since September 2010 and its lowest point since the week ended Sept. 6, 2010, according to numbers released Jan. 19 by the Department of Energy.