Taking the good with the bad: Truck-related fatalities down, but injury crashes on the rise

Calif. trucking company owners face fraud charges for drivers working under the table

A California trucking company’s owners were held on $950,000 bail each for an alleged scheme to avoid higher insurance premiums and taxes by paying drivers ...

Indicators: Rates reverse course in April, freight expected to soften in 2016

For the first time in a year, spot market rates in all three major truckload segments rose. Meanwhile, conditions for shippers improved -- but a ...

Trucking Alliance: Congress should skip hours of service changes, wait on ELD data

The Trucking Alliance issued a statement May 2 urging Congress to forgo the recently unveiled changes to hours of service regulations for truck drivers and ...

Transport America to deploy Lytx DriveCam fleetwide after trial test

The Lytx DriveCam safety program combines video capture of road incidents with data analysis and personalized coaching insights.

Chevy puts $40k sticker price on re-entry into cabover market

The new trucks, based on Isuzu’s N-Series, are offered in regular-cab and crew-cab body styles, with either a 6.0L V-8 gas engine, a 3.0L turbo-diesel ...

Usage based insurance: Gorilla Safety co-founders see an opportunity for fleets

Gorilla Safety founders believe the system will be used by insurance companies to create usage based insurance (UBI) programs to more quickly reward fleets for ...

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How a family-owned fleet saved more than $62,000 in one year

Carrier wins Colorado case brought by drivers wanting overtime pay, breaks

The drivers say they should have received overtime pay and breaks for the repeating schedule they worked. The court, however, ruled the truckers are interstate ...

Bevy of industry suppliers available for Insider Roundtables at CCJ’s Spring Symposium

The Insider Roundtables will allow fleet representatives to discuss issues they face, products, services and more with trucking-related companies during the annual event.

Video: Preventable or not — Trucker slams into jack-knifed rig in heavy snow

In the start of a new video series of preventable or not scenarios, test your knowledge on whether these weather-related accidents could have been prevented.

In light of delays by DOT, Senate bill calls for quick action on speed limiters

For nearly two years, the DOT has issued a report each month indicating the rule is weeks away from publication. Despite those reports, the rule's ...

WABCO, Cummins ink air-compressor deal

WABCO now becomes the exclusive supplier to Cummins in North America for air compressors applied in trucks, buses and industrial equipment.

Utility Trailer making milestones in the wake of devastation

Glade Spring is the hometown of Leo Shoals, who won the Minor League baseball Triple Crown in 1951 with a then-and-short-lived record of 55 home ...

Truck makers report declining truck orders, falling revenues in first quarter

Daimler, Volvo and Paccar all reported a drop in sales and revenues compared to the same quarter last year.

DOT holding public meetings on potential sleep apnea rule for trucking industry

The FMCSA is looking to gather more information on the prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea among truck drivers and its potential consequences on the industry.