Agency to verify med cards during inspections

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Tuesday that during “enforcement activities” such as roadside inspections it will start validating drivers’ medical cards by contacting the certifying medical examiner to verify a driver’s name and date of birth and the card’s date of issuance and any restrictions it indicates. 

The agency says the intent of the verification is to ensure that information on the certificate is accurate and not to evaluate drivers medically. Its goal with the new inspection point, FMCSA says, is to weed out fraudulent medical cards and to “keep medically unqualified drivers off our nation’s highways,” the announcement says. 



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FMCSA to validate driver medical cards during inspection ... will begin conducting random verifications of driver medical cards, the agency.

Gordon A
Gordon A

They say it is not to evaluate drivers but they all start out with " It;s not" for every enforcement tool to raise revenue.  I see a huge increase in the cost of the medical exam now with the new rules and demands placed on the American driver. This is in my opinion, just one more step to cause  professional safe drivers to leave the industry to make room for the not so qualified drivers from across the border. La Hood and the FMCSA are not for the good ole USA but to pay back debts owed for jobs they got in the Obama regime.

Medically unfit is a big word that allows a lot of wiggle room for enforcement.. 5lbs over weight by some obscure weight bone  size chart.? Neck sizes too big because one works out  ? Small feet and 45 inch waist. Where will it begin and end? Obesity does not make you stupid. It does not keep you from being a safe driver. It does not cause  you to tailgate or drive on ice covered roads unnecessarily nor does it make you drive when your out of hours to do so.  Lack of responsibility. Lack of skill and the lack of common sense causes all this. Lets not talk about government intrusion into trucking.

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