The Air Brake Book – 9th Edition

Commercial Carrier Journal is proud to bring you the Air Brake Book, 9th Edition. Since we published the last edition in 2009, the industry has seen several regulations and safety initiatives that have impacted the stopping requirements and maintenance practices for commercial vehicle braking systems. Stopping distances have been reduced by 30%, CSA replaced the aging SafeState system, and brakes are now the most-often cited vehicle violation – so find out what’s new and download your FREE copy of The Air Brake Book today!


Download your FREE copy of The Air Brake Book today!

Chapter 1: The three basics of air brakes

A fundamental knowledge of the three basic air brake systems is the first step to understanding complex brake problems and making intelligent and cost-effective repair decisions.

Chapter 2: Integrating air disc brakes

While air disc brakes are a different animal than the traditional S-cam drum brake, incorporating them into your fleet operation can pay dividends down the road.
TMC Recommended Practice 652: Service and inspection of air disc brakes

Chapter 3: Advanced braking systems

Commercial vehicles are safer than ever, thanks to improved braking technologies. Today’s brake system suppliers are focusing on integrating more electronic controls with basic ABS components.

Chapter 4: Air brake inspection

While materials and designs are better than ever, you can’t afford to forgo frequent inspection of components, which should be an integral part of any preventive maintenance schedule.
TMC Recommended Practice 619B: Air system inspection procedure

Chapter 5: 2014 CVSA brake out-of-service criteria

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has identified the most critical safety violations involving brakes, plus CSA brake-related violation severity weight information.

Chapter 6: The ins and outs of automatic brake adjusters

ABAs have made life easier for techs and drivers. Proper selection and maintenance are musts for proper performance, as well as a thorough understanding of an ABA’s greatest enemies and how to counteract them.
TMC Recommended Practice 609C: Self-adjusting and manual brake adjuster removal, installation and maintenance

Chapter 7: Selecting proper brake linings

Spec’ing the appropriate brake linings is key to optimizing brake performance and lowering equipment costs. Understand how they perform and how to maintain them properly.
TMC Recommended Practice 628B: Aftermarket brake lining classification

Chapter 8: Brake relining and restoration

Relining brakes is more than simply replacing parts; it’s your chance to restore total brake system performance. Know how to examine, disassemble and repair foundation brakes for long life and trouble-free operation.

Chapter 9: Troubleshooting brake imbalance

Diagnosing and correcting brake imbalance issues is critical for vehicle performance and safety over the road. Know how to troubleshoot torque imbalance, torque degradation, pressure imbalance and overspec’d brakes.

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