Boyd Bros. named CCJ Innovator of the Year


Birmingham, Ala.-based fleet Boyd Bros. Transportation has been named the 2013 CCJ Innovator of the Year. The announcement comes from Duck Key, Fla., where the 2013 CCJ Innovators Summit was held this week. 

Boyd hauls primarily flatbed freight, and the fleet helped develop an intermodal flatbed product to help boost freight capacity by allowing industrial freight to be transported by railroad. It worked with Raildecks Intermodal to develop the Boyd/Raildecks product (pictured here), to help increase its productivity and capacity in a time of an increasingly worsening driver shortage and growing freight volume and demand. 

Click here to see the CCJ Innovators profile on Boyd Bros. and Boyd/Raildeck, which ran in May 2012. 

Boyd Bros. will be featured in a CCJ cover story later this year. Click here to learn more about Innovators, nominate your fleet, listen to Innovators podcasts or read archived articles.

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