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ATBS creates summer recreation guide for truck drivers

A digital Truck Driver’s Summer Recreation Guide has restaurants, games and attractions for drivers to enjoy while on the road.

Preventable or not? Trucker avoids accident, ditches trailer

After passing a slow straight truck on a divided four-lane, John Doe did all he could to avoid colliding with a sedan crossing the median, but he lost his trailer ...

Pride Transport’s driver orientation: cool trucks, cool people

Driver onboarding has become a major area of focus for fleets. Pride Transports shows technology that helps keep drivers satisfied

Outgoing TCA chairman promises ‘bright future.’ Prime, Inc. driver gets Highway Angel award

The Truckload Carriers Association kicked off its annual convention in Las Vegas with optimism and recognized a driver for heroism.

Stay Metrics enhances research tools to identify, prevent early driver turnover

The primary cause of early driver turnover is unmet, and in many cases, unrealistic job expectations, according to ongoing research by Stay Metrics of data from its base of motor ...

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How a family-owned fleet saved more than $62,000 in one year

Stay Metrics study shows ‘time off’ policies help drivers be more productive, profitable

Stay Metrics announced the results from a new study show motor carriers can improve the productivity and performance of drivers by meeting their requests to take time off.

Vertical Alliance Group announces ‘Trucking Best Practices’ webinars for 2016

Vertical Alliance Group announced six speakers for their 2016 Trucking Best Practices Webinar Series. These free webinars are designed to provide trucking companies with ongoing current training on a variety ...

How CCJ’s 2015 Innovators disrupted the status quo

All of the motor carriers recognized this year’s CCJ Innovators program share one thing in common: an unwillingness to accept the status quo.

Highway bill presents tough challenges for FMCSA

Bill Quade from FMCSA believes the agency will have a “difficult time” implementing several programs in the highway bill due to limited resources.

Stay Metrics study links driver turnover, safety to personality traits

Stay Metrics shared preliminary results from a study conducted by researchers at the University of Notre Dame that show certain personality traits of drivers are predictive of turnover and safety ...

Economists blame 2015 freight slowdown on inventory; expect quick return to growth

Economists speaking at the American Trucking Associations’ annual management conference blamed inventory levels for causing a slowdown of freight volumes in 2015. That will soon change, they believed, starting in ...

Preventable or not? Doe’s rig mauled by mall maniac

As John Doe prepared to turn, a four-wheeler rocketed out of a shopping mall and crashed into his truck’s right fender. Was this a preventable accident?

Fleet executive panel: driver retention a game of expectations

Fleet reps share their insights into what they see in the driver market, which by all accounts has become more difficult than ever. Here are four ways they said your ...

Large carriers get better rates, retain more drivers after 12-mo. mark

Large carriers have the highest rate per mile (RPM), despite also having the longest length of haul (LOH). They are also doing a better job of retaining drivers after the ...

Internet Truckstop Group increases company-wide minimum wage to $15 per hour

CEO Scott Moscrip announced that all employees who currently make less than $15 per hour would be raised to the new minimum wage of $15 per hour, beginning June 29. ...