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Emissions/Fuel Economy

75 ways to cut your fleet’s fuel costs

With the “new norm” cost of diesel at $4 per gallon, fleets should be looking at every possible opportunity to lower fuel consumption. Here are 75 pointers to get you ...

OEM panel discusses challenges, future for natural gas

Executives from Cummins Westport, Daimler, Volvo, Kenworth, Navistar and Peterbilt spoke before a packed conference room June 25 in a roundtable discussion on the future of natural gas in heavy-duty ...

Report: More than 1/4 of trucks equipped with modern emissions tech

According to a report released this week from the Diesel Technology Forum, about 28 percent of trucks registered in the U.S. employ 2007 or later emissions mitigation technology and output ...

Natural gas conversion: Is LNG or CNG a winner for you?

What's the right natural gas option for your fleet: Compressed or liquefied? A webinar held this week delved into that very question.

California regs throw kinks into traditional equipment cycles

The increasing challenge of meeting new emissions-related regulations in California is driving owner-operators out of business and skewing market values for used trucks, said panelists at an industry conference Thursday.

Infographic: How America’s fleet is turning green

How have tightening emissions standards impacted the amount NOx, particulate matter and other pollutants put in the environment by heavy trucks since tiered implementation began in 1996? That's the very question CCJ ...

DISH taps Ford with plans to add 200 propane vans

Satellite television provider DISH unveiled Wednesday the first of 200 ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas-fueled Ford E-250 cargo vans that will enter the company’s fleet this year. The company estimates these new ...