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CCJ Top 250: Moving on up

As the trucking industry puts more distance between itself and the recession of 2008-09, for-hire trucking companies continue to exhibit growth and increased profitability in an otherwise slow-growing economy. But there remain plenty of regulatory headwinds for carriers to navigate and maintain productivity and profitability, including the implementation of the new hours-of-service rule last year as well as the looming electronic log mandate expected to take effect in mid- to late 2016. Other potential regulations threaten to limit the number of available drivers, exacerbating an already severe shortage. Meanwhile, more stringent ... Read More..
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About the CCJ Top 250

Commercial Carrier Journal has ranked the top for-hire trucking companies since the late 1960s. The CCJ Top 250 is the most comprehensive ranking of active carriers. Our ranking takes into account not only the revenues posted by a trucking company but also its fleet size and employment base. Rankings based strictly on revenues often capture activities that have only an indirect relationship to transportation. Blending revenue, equipment and drivers also allows ... Read More..