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CSA's Data Trail

Nationwide patterns for inspections, violations and crashes

What it means for Fleets

Articles from CCJ

10 toughest states for hours of service in 2015

2015’s data shows an upward trend in the hours of service violations doled out by the top 10 states. When reporting began in the CSA’s Data Trail series in 2013 — a joint effort by CCJ and Overdrive — just three states were above the 20 percent mark for hours violations. Seven of the 10 are above that threshold now.

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CSA’s Distorted Rankings, Part 3: The ‘ugly little secret’ of CSA

In the final part of the CSA’s Distorted Rankings series: An in-depth look at how severity weights and peer groups lead to other CSA problems.

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CSA’s Distorted Rankings, Part 2: SMS, safety rating system disconnect compounds problems

The difference in results between CSA rankings and the safety rating system is marked. In some quarters, eliminating that disconnect is seen as at least a partial solution to public confusion over what the scores mean. It’s a key component of why critics feel use of the scores in business decisions is so onerous.

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CSA’s Distorted Rankings, Part 1: CSA’s flawed scoring doesn’t stop third parties from judging carriers

Three and a half years after Compliance Safety Accountability began its radical scrambling of how trucking safety is regulated and scored, carriers and owner-operators continue to suffer from its fallout, while bureaucrats struggle to repair the complex program.

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CSA is ‘unreliable’ and here’s why – and what to tell customers, says ATA

Trucking continues to question the accuracy and application of data at the heart of the federal government’s regulatory program, and a powerful political voice for the industry has issued a white paper that spells out the points of contention in a way that customers – and maybe even Congress – can understand.

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CSA is a ‘whim,’ ‘abandonment of duty’ by regulator, transport law expert says

Almost three years since its launch, Compliance, Safety, Accountability remains a source of confusion and for the American trucking industry. CSA is “an abandonment of FMCSA’s duty to regulate safety,” transportation law expert Rob Moseley says. “CSA is just the whim of FMCSA.” He briefed carriers on how to defend their reputations at the recent ATA MC&E.

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What it means for Drivers

Articles from Overdrive

Top 10 toughest states for tire violations

Oregon, Texas and North Carolina lead the tire-violations rankings, the latter two also showing an uncommonly strong focus on maintenance/equipment-related violations overall. Peruse more nationally ranked data on equipment violations here.

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North Carolina enforcement: Where officer discretion can help

Professionalism at roadside can go a long way in influencing enforcement actions in North Carolina. The highway patrol there isn’t, by and large, “looking to jam up guys who are decent,” operators note. More in this CSA’s Data Trail profile of the state, by the numbers.

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‘Border effect’ on inspections: Update

Among the four states on the U.S.-Mexico border, inspection numbers overall are among the highest in the nation. All four states rank in the top 10 for inspection intensity.

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Common ground: New Mexico’s inspection-heavy enforcement program

Capt. Greg Kerr of the New Mexico Department of Public Safety’s truck-enforcement unit has thoughts about highway safety that truck drivers may find familiar and sensible. Chiefly: He understands that four-wheelers are ‘part of the problem’ with safety.

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Staying ahead of the inspectors

Don’t take any chances on your equipment passing inspection. This story, newly updated, rounds up coverage on a wealth of maintenance topics in Overdrive in recent years.

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Best — and worst — 10 states for clean inspections

These states present truckers with the best opportunities — or, as the case may be, the least likelihood — for a clean inspection, crucial in improving CSA scores.

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