DAT Onboarding helps expedite truckload freight movements

TransCore DAT announced a new service designed to help freight brokers and other third-party logistics providers to hire and qualify carriers quicker and more efficiently. DAT Onboarding is designed to allow freight providers to exchange and store important documents online in a secure, streamlined process to help save time and reduce error.

TransCore said DAT Onboarding replaces manual processes and faxes with a manageable, digital work flow, allowing brokers and 3PLs to hire new carriers quickly and ensure they are qualified and contracts are executed properly. Carriers can store key documents with DAT Onboarding at no charge, allowing brokers to hire them with less paperwork.

DAT Onboarding can be integrated with transportation management software solutions and with DAT CarrierWatch for carrier qualification, monitoring and insurance verification. DAT Onboarding can be purchased from DAT or from TMS partners in the DAT Direct program.

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