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Demand for drivers spikes 20 percent

truck driverIn a report released last week from WANTED Analytics, nearly a quarter-million truck driving jobs were advertised online in the 90 days preceding March 5 — a 20 percent increase compared to the same 90-day period in 2012.

The New York area saw the largest growth — 41 percent increase year over year — of all metropolitan areas, with Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Houston rounding out the top five areas in terms of ad posting. Dallas saw the second-highest growth percentage, 34 percent, year over year.

Moreover, WANTED also scores hiring difficulty of occupations with its Hiring Scale, and it has concluded that truck drivers score a 93 out of 99 (where 99 represents the most difficult hiring situation). “Recruiters and hiring managers are likely to also experience a longer time-to-fill,” says WANTED’s report, due to “increased competition from employers to attract candidates.

The national average posting period of a truck driving job is about 6.5 weeks, the report says.

The most difficult places to recruit drivers, says WANTED, are Bismarck, N.D., Hinesville, Ga., and Bowling Green, Ky. The least difficult places to recruit are Salisbury, Md., Morristown, Tenn., and Sebastian-Vero Beach, Fla.

WANTED measures local job market conditions by comparing hiring demand and the labor supply, it says.


CDL  Drivers
CDL Drivers

BIG AL…..  I have been a CDL Class A Driver since 1984. L The major drawback for an OVER-THE-ROAD CDL Class A driver is simple…..The reason companies can’t fill the drivers’ seat is this: VERY LOW PAY

FOR HOURS IN TRUCK………….It’s that simple…………………..The average pay for a CDL Class A OVER-THE-ROAD DRIVER  is  .35 cents per/loaded mile ,empty miles are not paid ,in other words an empty truck ,means   NO MONEY  !!! Too bad for driver………..

Then there is book miles which is a book gives you for mileage for distance from point to point .Now a book , can’t forecast road traffic, accidents,  breakdowns, delays  required drivers’ hours, the last thing book miles have always been short by about 10 % of actual miles driven .In other words, no money for driver.  L After all is said and done a driver who’s on the jobs for a continuous 7 –day period will be paid 700.00 before taxes, after taxes he might see 450.00 not bad for 7 days…………………………………………L

HAVE FUN DRIVING……………………………………………….

harry r
harry r

the driver shortage is not as bad as it seams,there are so many drivers that job from one job to another that it makes it look like there are more empty trucks than there are. recruiters need to be more up front and honest about the job,as fare as pay,time off,bennifets,the real shap of there equ.that they expect the driver to drive.really let him know what the job is and what they have to do. most recruiters have never driven a truck or had to do a drivers job. reward the good drivers. give them nice operate. let them get them washed when they need the same time we have to get ride of bad drivers.